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Thread: *New* Long CAF

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    Sep 2012

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    The Ashbury's

    DH: Alexander Charles Ashbury
    DW: Caroline Sara {Kallsen} Ashbury

    DD: Hope Seraphina Ashbury
    DS: Wesley Finnian Ashbury
    DS/DS: Colton Felix Ashbury / Kieran Josiah Ashbury
    DS/DD: Miles Sebastian Ashbury / Pearl Josephine Ashbury
    DD/DD: Maisie Scarlett Ashbury / Violet Grace Ashbury
    DD/DD/DD: Adelaide Leona Ashbury / Anastasia Lilith Ashbury / Aurora Vivian Ashbury
    DS: Oliver Reed Ashbury
    DD/DS: Rose Virginia Ashbury / Adam Franklin Ashbury
    DD: Claire Taylor Ashbury
    DS: Jacob Shiloh Ashbury
    DS/DS/DS: Lucas Jude Ashbury / Isaac Cohen Ashbury / Wyatt Graham Ashbury
    DS: Kai Douglas Ashbury

    Alex & Cara Ashbury
    - Hope, Wes, Colt, KJ, Miles, Pearl, Maisie, Violet, Addie, Annie, & Aura, Ollie, Rose, Adam, Claire, Jake, Luke, Isaac, Wyatt, & Kai Ashbury
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
    Track Sixteen
    Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
    Alicia Cook

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    LN: Stewart
    DH: Isaac Cole
    DW: Lila Claire

    Birth 1: Arden Rabia and Avery Evangeline (G/G)
    Birth 2: Sarah Gwynn (G)
    Birth 3: Cole Tobias (B)
    Birth 4: Macy Alice (G)
    Birth 5: Violet Kate and Lola Elle (G/G)
    Birth 6: Bianca Fae, Penny Celia, and Cara Eden (G/G/G)
    Birth 7: Oliver Reed and Casimir Parker (B/B)
    Birth 8: Adam Carter and Ruby Belle (B/G)
    Birth 9: Eli Baker and Claire Reeve
    Birth 10: Emily Irene (G)
    Birth 11: Lilac Spring, Chloe Eileen, and Wylie Roxanne (G/G/G)
    Birth 12: Asher Neil, Ray Douglas, and Oscar Keith (B/B/B)

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    Me: Emmy Sloane Price
    Hubby: Maxwell Jude "Max" Price

    G/G Twins: Avery Laila "Ava" & Harlow Evangeline
    Boy: Colby Alben
    B/B Twins: Colton Jasper & Jett Tobias
    G/B Twins: Macy Tess & Jackson Emmett
    G/G Twins: Siena Presley & Delaney Bristol "Laney"
    G/G/G Triplets: Leah Noel, Ella Carmen & Cara Lesley
    B/B Twins: Paxton Reed "Asher" & Calum Parker "Cale"
    Girl: Scarlett Madison "Carley"
    G/G Twins: Piper Bailey & Paige Carbry
    B/G Twins: James Milo & Ashley Salome
    B/B/B Triplets: Owen Graham,Noah Jett & Levi Cohen
    G/G/B/B Quads: Isla Katherine, Ruby Charlene, Gus Keith & Luca Russ "Luke"

    The Price Family
    Emmy & Max (40/43)
    Ava & Harlow (14)
    Colby (12)
    Colton & Jett (11)
    Macy & Jackson (10)
    Siena & Laney (8)
    Leah, Ella & Cara (7)
    Asher & Cale (6)
    Carley (4)
    Piper & Paige (3)
    James & Ashley (2)
    Owen, Noah & Levi (1)
    Isla, Ruby, Gus & Luke (Going to be born in 3 months)

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    Lethbridge, Alberta

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