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Thread: MN for River?

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    MN for River?

    What middle name would you pair with River. Its been really annoying me lately that I can't think of anything to pair it with. We don't want to use Pasha because they both have the same ending sound, so what would you pair with it? Our children names and names we would name future children are in my signature if you want to know what sort of names we like.

    Thanks, Bree
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    Top Choices:
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    With River, I would want something traditional and elegant, less used. The middle spot is a good place for names like Bartholomew, because you don't have to be overly concerned with nicknames, the full name will get a bit of limelight.

    River Thaddeus
    River Somerled
    River Isidore
    River Uriel
    River Bartholomew
    River Barnaby
    River Narayan

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    I like @thuja's suggestion of a more traditional middle name to go with River.
    River Christopher, River Abram, and River Zacharias come to mind.

    Though when considering the name of your children I'd prefer River as a mn. Mostly because River can be used as a unisex name and your other children have very gender specific names. Also to me River has the same freedom of choice that Sage and Rowena have.
    Remington River has a nice ring to it.
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    I suggest something kind of old fashioned, or fusty to act as a counterpoint to the more languid hippyish River.
    River Augustus
    River Blaise
    River Huxley
    River Ambrose
    River Pascal
    River Fenimore

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