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    Best initial nicknames?

    Just wondering, what initials do you Berries think lend themselves best as nicknames and do you know any children who have initial nicknames?

    Our newborn Quentin has been Q since day one and he suits it so well, yet this wasn't a consideration in our naming decision. We actually thought the lack of nickname potential was a bonus!
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    There's a little girl at my church I call "B"- her name is Bianca. I call her B, Bianca B, Bibi--- it's fun! She likes it.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I love B (but I would spell in Bea) as a nn for girls.

    I know someone who gets called G, which is a tad random. Lots of little girls called Gigi though!

    J, and JJ are cute for boys

    I also like Q

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    I know a Virginia called V, it's quite nice, actually.
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    Q is super cute.
    A little girl I know named Vienna is V, or Veevee, and a little boy named Brook is B.
    I really like those two best, they seem to just roll off the tongue so easily.

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