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    Lightbulb Books!!

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!! As I've mentioned before, my cousin is pregnant with my cousin-to-be, my Little Roo! I'm absolutely thrilled, of course! Her birthday is in December, about two weeks before Christmas. All she wants for both is stuff for Little Roo (which is what i was going to get anyway, lol). I'm saving necessities for the baby shower. For her birthday, I really want to buy her a few books because she's mentioned having "nothing to read."
    A couple that she can read about her pregnancy and then a few that she can read to Little Roo when she just feels like talking to him. Also a pregnancy journal (which i've found). I've never been pregnant so I have no clue which books are helpful and which are just annoying. Any ideas?

    These are the books on pregnancy that I've considered:
    *What To Expect When You're Expecting
    *Oh Baby!

    This is the book for Little Roo:
    *Ma! There's Nothing To Do Here: A word from your baby-in-waiting (i just adore this book to no end!!)

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    I dislike most pregnancy books, but I found one I love called "Pregnancy for Modern Girls: the Naked Truth About Being Pregnant" by Hollie Smith. And "Your Pregnancy Bible" by Anne Deans is great too.

    I hate "What to Expect...", wasn't helpful at all.

    Baby books for Little Roo:
    I was recommended this on amazon when I did a huge baby shop, haven't read it yet but it looks cute:
    "Oh baby, the places you'll go!" by Tish Rabe

    I also got "The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know" by Rob Kemp for my boyfriend.

    edit: I also got baby books for when Baby is here, the most essential ones from baby-gurus Annabel Karmel and Gina Ford, as well as "Your Baby Week by Week" by dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave.
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    I agree. I'm not finding the "What to Expect" books very helpful or relevant to me. I read "Belly Laughs" and "Baby Laughs" by Jenny Mccarthy. My husband also has the books by Rob Kemp ^_^

    I'd suggest that once the babies born, read poetry to him. Babies and young children love poetry and it keeps their attention because of all the rhyming words. Anything Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein is great!

    I just made a long list of books for a friend who asked the same questions so I'll just quote that here for you:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
    Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Bill Martin, Jr.
    The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    Corduroy by Don Freeman
    The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
    The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise
    Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

    For strictly educational try:

    Now I Eat My ABC's
    Spotted Yellow Frogs by Matthew Van Fleet
    What Makes the Seasons by Megan Montague Cash
    Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo by Dr. Seuss
    When You Give a Mouse a Cookie
    Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni -- My Amazon Author Page

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    So you both agree? Scratch "What to Expect..." Got it! Lol. Maybe we'll just watch the movie for a good laugh.

    ottilie, I searched for the book you suggested by Hollie Smith. That book sounds right up my cousin's alley! So that will definitely be on the list, thanks! And when I was ordering "Ma! There's Nothing to do Here" Amazon recommend the Dr. Seuss book to me as well, so I will definitely look into that.

    dantea, Great list! Thanks! I love the "If You Give A ______ A _____" books! They are so cute and I just love how it wraps all the way back around to the beginning. I definitely want to get some books for Little Roo for once (s)he is finally here. I'll definitely get the classic fairy tales, folk tales, and fables. But I also want to incorporate the fun and modern books as well. Your list is great! And you're so right, I will definitely try to find a good amount of Dr. Seuss books!! Can't go wrong with him! Also, I love Jenny McCarthy so I'm sure that would be a fun choice for her!

    Thank you both! Great selections!!

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    What To Expect is only decent for describing symptoms. Otherwise it engages in frank scaremongering and exceptionalism (the take-home message is that the entire world needs to accommodate your pregnancy, that everything can and will kill the baby, and that every new symptoms is probably a sign that you're in grave danger). It's full of great advice like not getting your nails painted (as nail polish suddenly is absorbed systemically!), that you should get "your boss" to let you work half-days, only do desk work, and maybe take naps in the middle of the day (because no one reading the book actually *is* the boss, nor do they have jobs where this is ludicrous like waitressing or being an emergency room nurse or something), etc. It's also written in this unbelievably irritating style, like the entire thing is a quiz from Cosmo. My favorite section by far was the one that teaches you to perform basic emergency care, like having a penlight on hand to check your baby's pupils if he bonks his head. (Because you magically gain the ability to both interpret subtle cranial nerve findings, and neurosurgically evacuate a brain bleed, once you become a mom?) The woman has no qualifications whatsoever to write such a book, and it shows.

    After birth-- my favorite and most useful book, by far and away, is "Your Baby's First Year" by Shelov et al. It's very comprehensive and focuses primarily on monthly development. There's a medical section in back for basic pediatric conditions so you can be reasonably educated about them, and the opening hundred pages or so are about adjustments and newborn care. Absolutely no scaremongering, with very objective and accurate information. I love how detailed it is about development-- and everything is spot-on.
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