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    Aeryn (Erin)
    Heighleigh (Hayley)

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    Well my name is actually Aeryn and I came across it as a pretty nice name, amazingly people have to ask me how to pronounce it and take a few months to learn how to spell it. The meaning of Aeryn is actually Ireland, which is the favorite bit about my name!

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    I have a dear friend who named her first daughter Kaisi (pronounced "Casey.") I remember being glad she told the baby's name on the phone rather than in person because I know my face why like, NOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYY?
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    I once knew a girl in school Rihyannen (pronounced Rhiannon), and I know a few people called Tayla.

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    There is a WONDERFULLY talented Broadway star named Caissie Levy (pronounced Casey) and she was in the show Hair with a Kacie Sheik (who is also ridiculously talented)

    I think that actors get a pass though because in the SAG if someone already uses your name then you have to find a way to differentiate them from yourself. That's why so many add middle names or initials, or change it altogether.

    However, i don't know if the above actors have those names as given or stage names.
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