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    @whit & lineska, RE the pregnancy update irritability, totally get that! I think waiting for your body to go into labour, and all the little/big niggles you have during late pregnancy, constantly obsessing over every little twinge and change you just get frustrated with your own brain for being so hyperactive on the topic! So when someone asks for news/updates it does seem to grate on you!

    Just came back from taking Leo to a huge indoor playground with some friends. He passed out completely in the car about 5 mins from home, so luckily I was able to transfer him into bed without him waking up and thinking that 5 mins was his nap for the entire day! We were there about 2 hours, and I'm pooped now! About to have a lie down myself! Almost hoping that the extra activity will bring on labour!

    Speaking of which, I was watching "One Born Every Minute" (we get the British version here, but I think there is also an American one?) last night, hoping that I would go into labour out of sympathy with the ladies' on the show! No such luck!

    My scan on monday was all good, as was the appt with the OB yesterday. Both OBs I saw were very supportive of the vbac, and so thats the plan! I'm starting to get exciting about the birth now, which is so nice after all the uncertainty of the last couple of months.The downside is that I have to have pretty much continuous monitoring during labour, and have a drip in as well but that is something I can deal with. Really looking forward to meeting this little guy and seeing which of the names on our list is his!
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