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    aw sdsurfmama!! Baby will be here soon, and I totally agree with the eye opening to the choices others made/make during all this. I always thought those ladies who quit work weeks before baby were just using pregnancy as an excuse...yeah now at 36 weeks I'm so done (at least another week of work left)

    Congrats Whit!! I love her name!

    Just an fyi for those in the States who have medical insurance, if you plan on breastfeeding and need a pump call your insurance before buying one. Under the new laws insurance has to provide some sort of help to you, whether it be a co-pay or the company paying. We are lucky that our insurance is buying the pump, we just had to call a company they work though to order it!
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    alfiejoe, great reminder. I was able to get a breast pump through my insurance too. Took a few phone calls to figure it out, but completely worth it when they mailed me a $250 pump!

    sdsurfmama, Oh I hear you, it is hard to be patient at this point. I feel like I also went from fairly comfortable to totally over it in a very short period of time. All the texts and constant calls and "Any news??" from friends/family has gotten old fast. "Yes, as a matter of fact the clock struck midnight on my due date and I was suddenly holding a perfectly swaddled baby..."

    I've never been against induction, but hearing opinions from so many people who are had me freaked out...I spent awhile last night chatting with a friend who was induced with her son and felt a ton better. I trust my doctor when she says she'd rather I didn't go past 41 weeks and honestly, every induction is different just like every pregnancy and labor in general is different. You don't know how much of a push your body will need to take over on its own and it might not be much at all really. It helps me mentally just to know that there is a firm end-date coming up. Then hopefully baby will surprise you and arrive on his or her own terms anyway. Hang in there!!

    If I hear one more person tell me "Oh enjoy this time and go out to dinner!" I'm going to scream. (Yes, I feel like going out to dinner between the crazy cramping and the pelvic pain and it being a thousand degrees outside.) I have been trying to do something for myself every day though--went for a pedicure, developed an addiction to caramel frappuccino, just ordered some delicious sushi (of the non raw variety one last time) and seaweed salad for dinner, just little stuff to keep from going insane this week.

    Lost the remainder of the mucus plug this morning (Ugh, someone really needs to rename that...and "bloody show" isn't any better!) and have been having contractions since but still don't feel like they're strong enough to decide this is it. Started out very mild and 20 apart, now we're crampier and achier and 8-10 min apart. I'm going to be annoyed tomorrow if they go away after a full day of this....I feel like the past week has been one solid false alarm.

    Hope you're enjoying the first days with your daughter, whit!
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    Hi Ladies,
    I apologize it has been so long since I've checked in, but we cancelled our internet service at home a while back in order to have some extra money to put towards these extra med. bills! I am at 35 weeks and 2 days and feeling ready and not ready all at the same time! My almost 2 year old is really showing his strong will and fighting naps and bedtimes and throwing fits like crazy. Such fun, right before the new baby comes! The nursery is getting close to being one. We got a good deal on a beautiful crib and matching dresser/changer and some great decor items for cheap. My husband made a shefl for his room with some plywood we had in the garage and some "hemp rope" from the hardware store. We are going with a nautical theme, and navy, white, and black. My sister just had her baby on the 4th and I have a cousin due any day and some other friends who just had their babies so boy am I getting anxious to meet my little man, Avery. Can't wait to announce his arrival! Now, to go back and read some of ya'll's updates! Good luck everyone!
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    Congratulations, Whit!

    And hang in there, sdsurfmama & everyone else waiting!
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    Thanks for the congrats everyone! Our first week has been wonderful here. I am a bit worried about how I'm going to handle two kids once my husband and mom go back to work, but thankfully they're teachers so I have another month and a half before that happens :-) Callie is doing great, and gaining weight really well.

    sdsurfmama- I'm so sorry you had a bad check up! If it helps, at my appt last wednesday, I was not dilated at all, and the baby was super high. I went into labor the next day, so your baby could still come any day now. I hope you don't have to get to the point of induction!

    lineska- you are getting close! I also got annoyed every time someone asked me for news, or told me to just take it easy. My husband didn't understand why i got so angry, and I couldn't exactly explain it, but I was irrationally upset about it. I think a part of me felt like i was letting everyone down, even though it obviously wasn't my fault.

    Hang in there everyone! Soon this will all seem like a distant memory :-)
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