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    Whit & lineska: thinking happy thoughts for both of you and wishing you both gentle labour with a healthy outcome!

    Alfiejoe, we are nearly on par - I'm 35 & 3. Here in western Canada (happy Canada day, fellow canuck berries!) it's been close to 30 degrees for 5 days, and we are all so irritable. My 3 1/2 yr old is impossibly cranky, I've hit the crappy sleep stage, and hubby looks like he wants to run away from both of us

    A strange confession: we've had 2 u/s that said "boy", but I keep having this recurring, very realistic dream where my midwife hands me a daughter. I can even "see" her name written on the birth centre's welcome board. Crazy pregnancy hormones? Or da vinci's code style prophesy????

    Good luck in the coming weeks everyone.

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    oh wow, lots of exciting news, good luck to those ladies who are getting close to welcoming their LO's!!!

    Feel for you ladies in the states with that heat wave, it's winter in NZ at the moment so seems kinda surreal to think of you all slow roasting!

    I'm coming up on 24 weeks now, and am starting to feel quite round
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    Thanks for the prayers and well wishes everyone! I'll just have to have those carry over for a few more days it looks like. After 2 days of contractions, they kinda slowed down and then went away last night. I was so frustrated because I really thought it might turn into something yesterday evening. The contractions got a little more painful and insistent, but then they stopped. The last few days have done some good though, because I think the baby has finally dropped a little. My heartburn and nausea are much better, and I can barely walk without waddling which is what happened right at the end last time too. Baby is still kicking around like crazy, and I see the doc tomorrow, so I'm hoping for some good news :-)

    Rin and lineska- We are all so close! It will be interesting to see which of us goes first :-)

    sdsurfmama- I did inflate the ball a bit more, and it's more comfortable now. Thanks for the tip! Your due date is really close too isn't it? We're going to have a whole crowd of July babies!

    punkprincess- I've had dreams like that too! We don't know what this one is, but I've had a few dreams where it was a boy, and everyone was disappointed (most of my family is guessing girl). It made me so sad, but I'm sure it won't turn out that way :-) My pregnancy dreams are so crazy and vivid. Most are kinda fun, but I've definitely had some that bothered me for a long time.

    I hope everyone is feeling well! I'm so excited for all our upcoming birth announcements! :-)
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    There is a whole crowd of July baby berries coming very soon!

    Hope you get your good news today whit!

    Still waiting game here...I've had frequent braxton hicks for the past couple days, getting stronger for a few hours every night and then kind of going away again. Boo.

    I had a few dreams early on that I was having a boy. Nope, ultrasound vs dream, I'm guessing the former will be more accurate...which rendered another of the dreams incorrect unless I want to pull a Jessica Simpson and name my daughter William.

    Anyone else's animals getting strange in the home stretch? My dog has been following me around 24/7 for the past week. He's known something is up since the beginning but its like there's been another shift lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    Anyone else's animals getting strange in the home stretch? My dog has been following me around 24/7 for the past week. He's known something is up since the beginning but its like there's been another shift lately.
    My little terrier, Lambeau, needs to not only be in the same room as me, he almost always insists on leaning against me now. He is definitely sensing the transition.
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