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    Ok ladies, I think I might be in early labor. I started having BH contractions yesterday at 3:00 pm (so about 17 hours now). They have been very sporadic, but never more than about 30 minutes apart. I was able to sleep a few hours last night, and the contractions aren't painful, but I am pretty tired. We'll see if this becomes anything more serious. I hope so. I'm not exactly looking forward to real labor, but I kinda feel like I'm in limbo right now. I appreciate prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby :-)
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    Good luck, whit!! Take a bath and rest while you can
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    35 weeks today! Last week they checked to see if I dilated any since I wasn't sure if I had been having contractions, nope not even a little. I start weekly appt. this week though. Trying not to die in the heat currently along with everyone else over here in the mid-west area!

    Good luck whit32!
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    Sending my prayers for a safe and healthy delivery, whit! Hope this turns into something real...starting up exactly on your due date too!

    I was up last night with something in between cramps and hunger pains for a couple hours (many pb crackers later we confirmed it was def not hunger...blah) lots of pressure but not coming and going pressure, nothing especially time-able, and eventually it went away enough I fell back asleep. As my doctor said this AM, "And then you woke up still pregnant."
    Yes, I woke up still pregnant.

    Still super low and not much more dilated but apparently my cervix moved forward since last week (I didnt know it did that, ok then!).

    alfiejoe, sure you don't want to keep that heat wave there until after I have this baby?? Not looking forward to another round of heat coming east. Stay as cool as you can!

    sixpom, I hope the rest of the summer flies by for you...getting close!

    smismar, that does sound like a party! Hope this delivery gets to go smooth and according to your plan. Love the name Linus Roman!
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    @whit, exciting stuff
    Was thinking of you yesterday (time difference means its Tues AM on the 2nd here). All the best for labour & delivery

    I'm 37+2 today, and am getting to that stage where every strange niggle makes me wonder, "is this going to turn into labour?!". A bit ridiculous I know, I could still be 4 weeks from delivery (ugh!). It's a strange thing waiting for your body to do something!

    On the agenda for today is to finally sort out my hospital bag! Have a few things I'll need to go to the shops for, so am trying to psyche myself up for a trip out shopping with Leo! I also finally organised the capsule hire for #2 yesterday. I'll go and pick it up on Monday after my ultrasound. The annoying thing is that we'll need to move Leo's seat to behind the drivers seat, which doesn't have an anchor point, so getting that installed isanother job for this week. The capsule has to go behind the passenger seat since otherwise Rich can't slide the drivers seat back all the way to accommodate his long legs!
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