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    Oh man that's brutal. Your whole third trimester during one of our summers. I do not envy you!
    The one reprieve I've had this pregnancy was telling myself that I would be done before summer hit.... heh
    Stay cool and hydrated!
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    Just got back from my midwife, there is nothing better in the world than hearing that heartbeat and knowing bub is safe & healthy incredible.

    Everything is going well and on track according to them so I couldn't be happier. I have my referral for the anatomy scan too so will be making an appointment for that appointment tomorrow.

    My cousin who is four months older than me is 2 weeks ahead of me and had her anatomy scan today. She's having a girl, kinda made me realise how much i'd love a little girl too. I don't really care either way but the thought of all those little girls clothes is so tempting!
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    @mill, I hope you have a pool (your own, friends' or public) to float around in all summer!! That's how I'm planning to get through the month of June.
    @stephanie, exciting to have that date on your calendar! So soon!!

    I'm tired. I stayed up later than I have in months to watch the finale of the Office last night (10:30pm...I'm a serious party animal). So that's the extent of my update.
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    I have some questions about pelvic pressure/pain in pregnancy.

    I'm 37 weeks on Sunday. I appear like I'm carrying very high, but I know that at least part of the time, the baby's head is in my pelvis. I work with dogs, and today I took a medium sized but VERY exuberant dog on a long walk. I felt fine during that time, but was definitely using my legs to resist against her pulling.

    Now, a few hours later, I'm feeling a lot of pelvic pressure and discomfort. It's mostly on one side of my pelvis, though. I can feel it in my hip/groin area on one side, and to one side of my vagina. I can't tell if I may have slightly pulled a muscle (it's not really painful) or if it's baby related? If it was the baby, would it only be on one side? Is this what it feels like when the baby "drops"?

    Can you usually see when a baby drops before a woman goes into labor? Especially if they're carrying very high? Or can the baby drop while the mass of your weight/uterus/etc. is still sitting high?
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    @leadmythoughts, I don't know about the baby dropping cause my son never did. At least not that noticeably. My biggest recommendation is to drink a lot of water and rest for a while. Sometimes when I've been walking around all day, I get a lot of round ligament pain and staying hydrated makes a huge difference. I would also do kick counts just to make sure baby is ok. And of course, it never hurts to call the nurses at your hospital to see what they think. Hope you feel better soon!
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