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    Blade, 2 hours of morning sickness is a pretty awesome deal.

    Velvetcrush, congratulations on hitting the big 12 week mark!! And so fun to see an ultrasound where it actually looks like a baby (instead of the lentil and then the gummy bear/sour patch kid that they look like really early on...)

    Whit, I'm with you there....loving every reassuring movement, even when it's 1 AM and I'm sitting there, "What are trying to do to my ribcage, lady?!" This is completely accurate (the whole blog is pretty funny if you havent seen it before):
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    Ha ha ha lineska, that was hilarious! And spot on. My son actually separated or cracked my rib when I was in my last trimester with him. (The doctor didn't want to do an x-ray cause the treatment wouldn't change.) I had to carry a little pillow around and hold it against my ribs whenever he got to kicking :-) It feels like this one is warming up to follow in its big brother's foot steps.

    velvetcrush, I hope your nausea eases up soon. For both of my pregnancies I gained weight in the first and third trimesters, and very little in the second trimester. My recommendation is to keep eating whatever makes you feel ok when you're nauseous (unless your doctor is concerned about your weight gain). I've tried to fight the cravings before, and I just feel terrible till I finally give in. One time, I was mega-craving a Krispy Kreme donut, but I knew that wasn't good for me so I held off. I waited three days and couldn't stand the craving anymore, so I sent my husband out for a dozen. I ate five donuts in one sitting. Bad, I know, but I felt better than I had all week. I was so sick all the time that I just made it my policy to eat whatever it took to give me a little relief. Except Chinese food. I craved it a lot, but it made me throw up. I'm glad you're feeling more hopeful, and I'm sure you'll be at the sore feet/crazy baby kicks stage soon!
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    Ouch whit32! That sounds painful, hope there are no broken bones in your future during this pregnancy, little darlings

    Still hanging out to feel much of anything here and i'm 17 weeks. I can't wait to get that first definite movement - just wish it would hurry up! Get a few little 'flutters' every now and then that make me pause and go 'was that baby?' but nothing definitive. Midwife appointment tomorrow, can't wait to get on that table and hear my little ones heart beating again!
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    Just scheduled my cesarean for the morning of the 28th! So beyond ready. It just keeps getting hotter and I keep getting bigger. The home stretch is no picnic. My hips are finished!
    I've only gained 16 lbs so far with this pregnancy but I feel like I'm a lot bigger than with my first.
    If mother nature could just cut me a break and keep the heat at bay for a few more weeks I would be forever grateful.....
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    @stephanie413, lucky you! I'm in the Los Angeles area, too, but I have to wait until September. It's gonna be a LONG, hot summer.
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