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    Oh lineska, I'm with you! I'm at 33 weeks, and it feels like July is years away! It's only 7 weeks, but it feels like they're dragging right now. Don't worry, we'll make it :-)

    Does anyone else have problems with their feet hurting all the time? I can't walk around the house barefoot for more than a few minutes, and even with good supportive shoes, I can't be on my feet for more than a few hours without my feet and ankles swelling and hurting. My blood pressure is low, so I know that isn't the cause of the swelling. I don't remember my feet ever hurting like this with my first pregnancy. Maybe just cause I wasn't going as many places with a 3 year old? My best guess is that this is just a special symptom for this pregnancy. I need to get to walking more often. Maybe that would help, but the times I have walked, my feet hurt and swelled then too. The past couple of weeks have been particularly bad because we're trying to sell our house while living in it, so there has been a lot of packing, cleaning, and repair work going on. Maybe once we get everything done, I can rest a bit more.

    I hope all you ladies are doing well! Anything new and exciting going on? My baby got the hiccups for the first time the other night. So sweet and funny!
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