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    Thanks! I guess the all of a sudden 16 pounds in 2 months scared me. I do Zumba twice a week for 90 mins. most weeks, every now and then I don't make it when I'm just feeling bad. I will ask Monday though to be sure!
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    Hi all! Been a while since I checked in! Glad things seem to be going well for everyone! I had my 2nd appointment with my OB and I like him a little better now. He was more personable this time and seems somewhat flexible on some issues I fear I might run into. (Planning a vbac this time around and some OBs are not as supportive of that)

    I am just over 26 weeks and have gained about 10 lbs total so far. It doesn't sound like much but with my son I hadn't gained much at all until the end and then it really picked up to hit a grand total of 36 lbs! I know 25 - 35 is healthy/average, but I feel like 36 was too much for me so I am trying to be more careful this time about eating more healthy and cutting back on carbs./sweets and sugars. That is really hard to do when my husband bakes homemade cookies and cinnamon rolls!( not all the time, but recently he has been in a baking mood!) The weather is getting nicer and warmer consistently here in the midwest U.S. so I really want to get out and walking more but I have so very littler energy. My doula suggested taking better prenatals.( with raw vitamins? anyone take something like that?) she says they absorb directly into your body unlike alot of the over the counter type prenatals available. Also she suggested getting my iron and vitamin D levels checked. I already have had my iron checked once and it is fine but my prenatals do not have iron in them so I take an extra iron supplement. Also get tested for it again in a few weeks when I get the glucose testing done. (NOT looking forward to that! I have low blood sugar so when I drink that syrupy, sugary drink it messes me up for the day!) I am getting excited to be closer to the 30 week mark. For some reason when I hit 30 weeks I don't feel too far away from the end! 26 sounds too far still!
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    libbyj06: I don't know if it's an option where you are, but my midwife offered an alternative to the "agent orange" syrupy glucose test: it's called a "random" glucose screen, but what it means is that you eat a regular meal, then have your blood drawn exactly 2 hours later. For people not used to crazy amounts of sugar (or hypoglycemic), it gives a more representative result. Plus, doesn't give you the shakes all day!

    Good luck, regardless - I just hit 27 weeks, and that 30 mark is starting to look better and better!

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    Hey ladies!

    Just to 'weigh in' on the weight issue (that pun was too easy to ignore...). I'm a big girl to start with and am currently almost 17 weeks. I've gained about 2.5 kg so far (5-6lbs?) and its stressing me out! I know that i'm going to gain, but obviously being large to start with I really want to keep the weight gain to a minimum. Would you think that that's kinda on track for coming up to 17 wks?
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    Anniemarie, sounds just right to still need the gain. The recommendation from my little mayo clinic chart is 15-25 lb (about 7 to 11 kilograms) if your BMI was high before as opposed to the 25-35 (about 11 to 16 kilograms) if it was normal.
    I've also heard 2-4 lbs in the first trimester and then 1 lb each week after that, which also puts you right on the low end. Of course I'm not sure who gains weight THAT steadily, but it's an easy estimate. I seem to have leveled off again after a couple weeks of feeling like I was waking up larger than I went to sleep...I really figure as long as I'm staying active and not eating too far out of my ordinary, I'm okay.

    Glad you're liking your OB a little better, libbyj!

    I did a substitute for the glucose drink too, only it was because I have an allergy to a food dye in the drink--- 28 jelly beans (color sorted so I don't react).

    32 weeks...and so ready for it to be July! Not sure what the next milestone I'm going for is...I'll hit 37 weeks on my DH's birthday next month, so that seems like a good next goal.
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