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    Alright I'm having vanity issues with the weight gain, silly I know but all of a sudden I'm just gainning like crazy it seems. From my 20 week visit to my 24 week I gained 8 pounds. I had to go to L&D Sat. for monitoring and had gained another 6 pounds here at week 27. I have my 28 week appt. on Monday and so far am terrified. The last official weight gain has 13 total at 24 weeks so had the 6 more is a total of 19. I feel like I'm cutting it close to the optimal gain of 25-35 if I'm gaining 2 pounds a week.

    Please, tell me I'm only a little insane
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    @alfiejoe, I'm halfway through week 29, and have gained a total of just under 6kg(13lb), so far. With my last pregnancy I seemed to be gaining gradually (like you're meant to), but then right at the end suddenly ballooned. I think most of it was excess fluids etc. as I got pretty puffy looking. In the 3 weeks after delivery (c-section), with no real exercise at all, I dropped 17kg (which is something like 37.5lbs) and was only a few kg off my original weight.

    I would try not to worry about it too much, make sure you're getting the right nutrition and try to fit in a bit exercise. Remember also that you have more blood while you're pregnant, your boobs have probably become larger (and heavier), plus there is the weight of the baby and the placenta to factor in as well!
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    welcome malk and congrats on great scan and test results, rin and mill! Love the pic, rin! I'm on extra iron too since my last round of bloodwork.

    alfiejoe, I'm betting you don't keep gaining 2 pounds every're probably having a major growth spurt! I'm not an expert, but a total of 19 pounds sounds well within a normal range for being 28 weeks...ask your doctor when you go in Monday! It's scary watching the numbers climb so fast, but baby's growing fast now too. I didnt gain much before 20 weeks and now I'm up 18 at 31 weeks. I remember at my 20 week ultrasound hopping up on that table and barely having any belly at showed up fast over the next several weeks. My doctors been happy with my weight gain the whole time and my eating habits haven't changed, so I'm not worried.
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    Just remember, you are growing another human being, and you will have plenty of exercise chasing/carrying the babe around once they arrive! Be happy, eat right, and relax.

    I just went in for the viability check, and everything is going swimmingly! Saw that little heartbeat going bloop bloop bloop, brought the whole thing home, really. Baby measuring just right for 7 weeks, not a HINT of nausea. The doc said if I hadn't had it yet, I probably won't get it at all, so I'm thanking my lucky stars for small miracles. Chance of MC has gone from 20% to 5%, that's good to hear. Bless all of you awesome moms! We're making it happen!
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    Congrats on seeing the heartbeat, mrstoon!! So glad to hear everything is going so well...and hearing that number drop is definite cause for celebration.

    And I second, rin. Important to remember that there's a LOT going on in there that's adding weight (not just a 3 lb baby accounting for a 19 lb gain!).
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