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    Anniemarie, I started feeling movement super early, between 14-15 weeks, but it took a few weeks to figure out that was definitely it. Between 4-6 pm everyday if I sat back really still I would feel a little tickle/skin irritation very low in my abdomen. It happened more often by week 16-17 and had progressed into more of a bubbles/goldfish swimming feeling.

    Now 30 weeks and the last few days I feel like the strength of her kicks has dialed up again...ouch!
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    I felt her move the day before 20 weeks lol. We were in line for dairy queen at like 9 at night, clearly my daughter. Now at 26 weeks I feel her move much more, only recently has she had "strong" kicks normal it is a "rolling motion" I feel her mainly when I'm standing or sitting still/ I miss some movement because at work I'm up and down chasing my class.
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    Oh! I've been getting that skin tickle/irritation feeling low on my abdomen - had no idea that could be bub, i just figured it was as a result of my skin stretching!

    Can't wait to feel those definite movements!
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    I bet that's what you're feeling too! For me, skin stretching was more itchy, like bad dry skin, but this was more of a tickle and when I paid attention, it had a definite pattern (same time of day, after drinking something cold, etc). Give it a couple weeks and it should become clear.

    alfiejoe, that's such perfect timing. The girl just wanted her ice cream!
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    With my first pregnancy, I felt definite kicks at 16 weeks - my hubby could actually see the impact
    With the second, I noticed earlier, the day before 15 weeks. Both my babe's have been crazy kickers!

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