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    I don't do any of the optional tests either. It would just make me worry and if we have a baby with Down's then it has it and that cannot be changed and we would love it just the same. So, I don't want to put any additional stress on myself!

    Anyone discussing names or decided on names? I thought we had ours set and tonight I asked my husband about them and he was like "well I'm not all that keen on Avery but its fine." What? He had totally liked it when we discussed it months ago! He is crazy! I told him the other names we had on our list.(like 3 others) and he was like, "Oh I like Avery best out of those." Well, I'm pretty stuck on Avery now so it would take a lot of convincing for me to change now! (avery for a boy)

    My first appointment is tomorrow, finally, now that I'm 12 weeks. Well, my first appointment with the actual doctor I'm going with. Actually I won't even see the doctor, just the nurse practitioner. I'm not all that pumped about it because i'm probably just getting blood work or maybe a pap done. Uggh, neither are anything to be excited about, haha! I hope I get to hear the heartbeat though, that would be nice!

    Today was a rough day and I felt pretty nauseous all day. usually, it's not too bad, I just am battling the exhaustion now. Hoping tomorrow is better!

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    My partner finds the naming process really quite difficult. He's actually said something along the lines of: "I don't think I really like any names, it's just that there are some that I don't hate."
    At this point I kind of have my heart set on Fern, if its a girl. The partner kind of thinks its a bit "hippy-ish", but is considering it. We both find girls' names particularly hard. I don't have a definite front-runner for a boy's name just yet, but it will hopefully be easier to come to an agreement with a boys name as we don't find those as tricky as girls' names.
    At this point I'm also feeling comfortable with waiting until the birth to find out the gender, so we'll have to come up with a few options for each sex.

    Is anyone noticing any fetal movement yet? I started noticing the tiniest of flickers around 12 weeks, and today (15w2d) I felt a pretty decent little kick in there!
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    I think we are set on names =) Daphne for a girl and Nicolai "Nico" for a boy. I'm 13 weeks and no movement that I know of, but I'm not sure I will recognize it until it is pretty hard just cause I don't know what it will feel like lol.

    I'm guess our doc will ask about testing next week, I'm not sure what is automatically done if any or what you need to choose, first baby and I'm 21, must read more into this.
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    My husband hates discussing names. As far as I'm concerned we have the girls name, either Charlotte Lorraine or Annemarie Grace. Husband did come up with one boys name which I quite like, Cooper Lorraine. The middle name being female does not bother me in the least though the suggestion did initially surprise me. I'm about ready to tell him I'm choosing the name and he can just deal with it. Charlotte Lorraine we have discussed each pregnancy-husband's grandparent's were Charles and Lorraine, husband named after that grandpa, CL are husband's initials. Annemarie combines my mom's first and middle name (Diana + Marie), Marie is also a frequently used middle name in my mom's family, and Grace because by the Grace of God we have been blessed with our third baby (this is my seventh pregnancy, third sticky baby, plus there was an adoption loss). Both our first two kids family names are from my side of the family. Since we live far away from my family, he felt it was only fair that I get to honor my family in my kids names. I really want to name our daughter, should that be the gender, Annemarie Grace though I'd be willing to go with a mn he chose instead of Grace. If we have a son I really feel he should take the lead in choosing the name. Maybe because I already know all my favorite names for boys he doesn't like (Dalton, Avery, Quinn, Bogart). He has said he would like the baby to have the same initials as him. However we just lost his grandpa in the last couple weeks so he may want to honor his grandpa.

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    Thank you all- feeling a bit more optimistic today, helps that my very by-the-numbers DH is hardly phased by 1 in 200 with a high chance of a false positive anyway. The waiting is awful though. I know I would continue with the pregnancy if we do get confirmation on downs, I'll just have a lot of research to do to be prepared.

    And yup, feeling movement now (17 1/2 weeks)- more small tickles and pops than real kicks. S/he was moving all around last night though which I took as a "Mom, I'm fine!"

    Blade, I read (I need to quit it with dr google) that a slightly off due date can affect the results of the quad screen. Do you know if thats accurate? I have irreg cycles and my due date has moved around a few times already based on measurements.

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