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    Yes, I've had the funny tastes for awhile, slightly better now but from maybe 6-10 weeks everything tasted vaguely metallic. Totally normal as far as I know!

    New smell aversion today, can't handle the smell of oil heating on the stove.
    That joins gasoline, sweet potatoes, and mascara (anyone else on that one? haha)

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    I have had a bad taste in my throat for a few weeks now, too! It really is annoying and kind of gross. I feel like I need to brush my teeth all day long and always have a mint! My morning sickness has increased in intensity and it is pretty much all day long, getting worse in the evenings. Thankfully, I have not had vomiting, just the nausea. other than that, and the weird taste in my mouth, and being really tired all the time, I'm not having any other symptoms. My allergies usually are worse when pregnant too, so I have a lot more of the post-nasal drip/drainage which makes me want to gag!

    I still don't have a doctor, waiting for a call back from the one who I'd love to get into. I'm almost 8 1/2 weeks so I'd really like to get in for an ultrasound soon! I'm always kind of anxious until I see the baby/hear the heartbeat, then I can get really excited.

    I pretty much never want to eat anything, nothing ever sounds appetizing and I have to force myself to eat sometimes. My husband has been great, by cooking a lot of our meals, so I don't even have to think about it, just try to eat it. He is a good cook too!

    We had a stomach virus and now I feel like I could be coming down with something else. Hoping it isn't the flu/influenza that's been going around!

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    Welcome Diane and congrats on your twins!

    Things taste funny to me too...we went out for a fancy new years dinner and everything just tasted kind off off. No throwing up but I do notice a mild nausea sometimes.

    My HCG levels are not just doubling every 2 days...they are doubling every 1.5 days! And no, twins do not run in my family or H's.
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    @libby06 lol! I think we may be on the same wave link, I'm 7ish weeks and afraid to celebrate until my ultrasound next week. For some reason I feel like I might be that unlucky person who has something go wrong. I know 5 people who have announced all around 9-15 weeks.
    I'm not hungry like ever but trying to eat and sooo tired it isn't funny. Really cutting into my time with my husband since he works 2:30pm till 10:30pm or with overtime 2:30am, I haven't really spent time with him in awhile =/

    However not really sick besides the flu, just nauseous every couple of days.
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    Sending lots of happy thoughts for all the first ultrasounds coming up--- we're going to have a lot of summer babies on this board!

    I've made it to the second trimester...can't say the nausea has completely faded, but definitely feeling like I can eat a bit more and more variety. Not quite as painfully tired for the past week or so...still feel pretty useless before 9 am and after 9 pm though.

    Hope you're feeling better and it's not the flu, libbyj!
    Diane, twins for mothers day would be positively adorable and I love your son's name! Have you found out the sex(es) of your twins?

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