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    With my first pregnancy, particularly in the 1st trimester, I spent a lot of time thinking how un-pregnant I felt. I had about 1 week of very very mild nausea with absolutely no vomiting at all. This time around I started feeling queasy at around 6weeks and not just in the morning, it was on and off all day, but still no vomiting. I'm now 10w5d and am feeling less and less queasy.
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    Well, I have hit 12 weeks and had my NT scan. Got to see the little guy kicking on the ultrasound and actually looking more like a baby (alien baby, but definite baby!) than a gummy bear. Starting to feel a little less anxious.

    alfiejoe: I've had the same silly paranoia. My doctor reassured me that even though yes, nausea is one way to know your hormone levels are going up, not having morning sickness isn't a bad sign, everyone reacts differently to the rising hormones. Besides, it sounds like you have had some morning sickness! I was a bit nauseous all the time, but didn't actually get sick once until a couple days ago. Not cool when it ramps up at 12 weeks, but in a way I feel like I asked for this because of my nerves over not getting sick!

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    Afiejoe, I feel the same way! I'm about 5 weeks along and eating everything in sight! I'd like to barf just once to reassure myself. I got my blood drawn today and will again on Saturday to test for HCG levels.
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    Hi! my name's diane and i'm having twins. i'm about 18 weeks now, the normal due date is 26th May but my OB told me to aim for 1st May first since they're twins. hoping they'll stay in until around mother's day, that'd be so sweet! I'm feeling pretty good all considered, SOOOO big though lol! i'm about the size i was at 25 weeks with my boy honest!
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    Ok I just realized this is probably a pregnancy symptom. I constantly have a bad taste/feeling like something is stuck at the back of mouth/opening of my throat. Everything taste funny and I really am not hungry after my first couple bites of anything. Anyone else have this? I thought it was just cause I have been sick with cold/flu the last two weeks but I feel better and it is still bothering me.
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