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    Got a call from my OB's office today. My first apointment/ultrasound was scheduled for Jan 15th. I love my doctor and she delivered our son, but they called and said, we have to cancel your appointment because your doctor is not taking any new pregnancy patients ever. I was devastated. So now I am very stressed about having to find a new doctor. I don't know what came up or if she is just retiring or what, but I cried. My husband, son and I have all been sick with the stomach flu. I am feeling so miserable, morning sickness plus flu is awful. Thankfully I am not throwing up and still able to eat some but the nausea is extreme. hoping to feel better when I wake in the morning. Looking forward to the holidays mostly but my two sisters who I told of our pregnancy are buggin me to death to tell my parents at Christmas. I will only be 7 weeks then and do NOT want to tell that early. I did not expect them to give me so much grief about it or I would not have told them either. I'm standing my ground and waiting til my first appointment! Whenever or with whomever that will be. There is another OB I originally tried to get in with for my first pregnancy and I know 3 people who have had her. I hope she will take me, but apparently a lot of my previous doctor's patients are calling and trying to get in with her too so I know she can't take everyone. Pray she takes me! Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Really hope you can get in with the Doctor you want libbyj! I remember the stress of trying to book in with an available midwife last time round, phoning and leaving messages, hoping that someone would be free! They book up incredibly quickly in my area. One lady I knew got her BFP, and immediately phoned the midwife that she'd had for her first child, and THEN phoned her husband to let him know the news!

    I'm trying to decide if I want to tell family at Christmas or not...I'll be 10w2d on Christmas Day. What's holding me back is that my mum's SO's daughter, husband and three kiddos are going to be there, and since they don't live locally I've only ever met the daughter and 2 of the kids, and never met the husband or the youngest baby. I think if they weren't going to be there then I probably would announce it...but since they are, I just feel a little weird sharing such news at that early stage and with people I barely know.
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    Hi all...excited to announce here that I got a BFP today Very, very early, still 2 days before I expected my period. Praying the baby sticks!
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    Congrats sixpomegranateseeds!! Sending lots of positive sticky thoughts to your very little one!

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    So I think I'm about 6 weeks my appt. is in 2 weeks so I will know for sure soon. However, this is going to sound silly. Right now I have lots of friends pregnant who are getting severe morning sickness they are in their 2nd trimester, two of their doctors said that it was a good thing because their hormone levels are so high, they have a very low chance of miscarrying. I've been sick like 5 times, it's just making me nervous that maybe my lil dot isn't beating inside since I'm really not feeling pregnant at all. Silly thoughts? I should be happy I'm not sick right? Not nervous I'm not sick enough.
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