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    @ Grecianurn: I just recently got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes for a second time so I try to work in things I want. Like if I'm craving chocolate I'll try to eat it in a protein bar so it's a little healthier and not too many carbs. This pregnancy I craved more sweets than I normally would so the GD sort of put the brakes on that. However, things like beef should be able to be fine. Even noodles in small portions. I'm not on insulin yet but I may be put on it after a little bit. It depends on how well my sugars track now that I'm on the diet and have the glucometer to track my levels after the new portion controls. Mainly the only things that are sort of iffy are those seasonal the usual annual Shamrock Shake that I likely will have to do without. But that is a small price to pay for a healthy baby, so I'm not too upset about it.

    I've been blessed with next to no morning sickness at all this pregnancy, which is highly unusual for me, but I've been insanely tired for the entire duration. I think my favorite part is hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time, and then the ultrasounds so I can see the heart beating with my own eyes. It's all sorts of swoon so I can see can completely relate to your being so anxious! <3

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    My fun story of the week, yesterday Monday the 18th, I hit 16 weeks, yay a full 4 months. So I work at a pre-school/daycare I got asked by know less than three people if I was sure I was pregnant or asked if the whole thing is a joke. LMAO!!!! I guess it is because I'm not showing and have only gained 4 pounds at my last appt. I know it is normal not to show yet and that it is coming. It doesn't bother me that I'm not showing yet, I don't have to deal with all those silly questions from the general public. But apparently everyone else is in shock that I'm not showing. I told them nope I guess I don't eat like a hungry hungry hippo. Too funny, who fakes pregnancies and ultrasound pictures?
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    So I think we have decided to go ahead and find out the gender at our twenty week ultrasound. I'm going to hopefully try to schedule it for just over 4 weeks from now! My husband really wanted to wait and part of me did too but I have felt extremely stressed out this pregnancy with trying to find a doctor to let me VBAC and worrying about how things will go at delivery(i know a long time away still so I shouldn't be worrying but its hard), so Itold him I needed some excietment to get totally into this pregnancy annd have something else to focus on besides my plans for a vbac and doctors I don't like! He completely understand my need for it and said, "Well, then let's do it! I'm fine with that." I'm relieved to have the decision made and I don't think I will regret knowing now. I would definitely like to wait until birth for a future kiddo if we have more though. So nursery plans will be in full swing in a month!

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    @gigigibbons - I was a Gestational Diabetic with my first pregnancy, and then it came back as Type 2 4 months after delivery.

    I maintain it with medications and nutrition, my A1C is about a 6.2. I go in on Friday for a regular check up.

    I just think it's funny that this pregnancy is already having food preferences; I never had any with my first one. I too am not sick, which is fantastic. I believe in everything in moderation... it's worked for me in the past. For instance, last night I made Romano & Parmesan crusted chicken cutlets, served with a penne pasta and steamed veggies. My chicken was a large portion, a huge portion of the veggies and just a small amount of the penne pasta with a light tomato sauce. The hubby loved it, and I woke up with my best blood sugar counts in 3 weeks. I'm just trying to eat more often. And most of the time, I'm eating much less than usual. I also think that falling asleep on the couch at 8:50pm has eliminated me of wanting something sweet after dinner.

    my goal now is exercise. Once my toe has healed a bit more, I am getting back on the Wii Fit. Needs to be done.

    I can't wait for the first ultrasound in about 2.5 weeks. I want to hear the heartbeat so badly!
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    @alfiejoe, so funny. I'm definitely still in the phase where I feel like I'm huge, but anyone I don't see everyday doesn't notice much of a difference.

    @grecianern, I forgot all about my wii fit! It might be time to dust it off now that I have some energy back! I want to get outside and walk so bad, but it's still very snowy here.

    My anatomy scan is tomorrow! I feel like I should be excited, but I'm really just nervous they'll find something wrong. Everything was great at the 13 week ultrasound, just dwelling on the 1 in 200 I got on the quad screen (materniT21 came back negative, all normal chromosomes). Boo. DH is so excited, MIL is excited, and once again I'm a ball of anxiety.

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