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    @joyfulmomto8, congratulations and welcome! and wow, what an amazing family!

    So exciting a bunch of us have anatomy scans coming up or are getting them scheduled. I'm still a little nervous about it but once we know everything looks good, it will be a huge relief and THEN I cannot wait to know what we're having. I just want to be able to use the right pronoun at this point. Kudos to all you ladies who are waiting to find out, I don't think I could do it!

    Nurseries...we will have one, but it's causing quite the room shuffle around here. A few years back we renovated a 3 bedroom cape with one bedroom downstairs and two upstairs. We use the downstairs bedroom (and honestly, the whole upstairs is just a guest room/jumble of stuff at this point!) So we'll be setting up one of the upstairs rooms as the nursery and the other as our room so we're not up and down the stairs all night. Office/guestroom moves downstairs, gym equipment into the sunroom...the furniture shuffle just keeps building on itself. If we have more children while in this house, they will be sharing a room though--we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rin View Post
    Ok, I don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers here...BUT, I'm not a huge fan of checking in on the thread to see big rants from those who are not actually currently expecting. Especially when they become unrelated to the topic at hand. I'm particularly uninterested in hearing second-hand birth horror-stories from someone who has never been pregnant or given birth.

    What I am interested in, is checking in with the other ladies who are expecting and having a catch up. Discussing the discomforts & wonders of being pregnant. Talking about baby names, how we're planning on decorating baby's room, etc. Sharing resources that could be helpful (eg: Maybe discussing breastfeeding/babywearing etc. And yes, discussing labour & birth. Hopefully without a descent into a war regarding the best methods and places for doing so.

    I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems a little as if the thread is getting hijacked with a little more frequency just lately.
    The discussion was ongoing so I chimed in with my reason for deciding against home birth, based on what happened to one of my best and closest friends. It wasn't my idea to discuss the topic, and I'm not really interested in debating it. Just sharing my totally worthless second-hand un-pregnant opinion.
    Carry on.

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    Ok I have question for everyone. I'm a chronic migraine "getter" I have had migraines since the age of 5 when I started school. I know my trigger (heat/humidity, stress, sudden changes in life etc) I've had the CAT scans and like. I've been on daily medication and medication as needed, sometimes at the same time. When I have the migraines I'm like most; light, sound and smell sensitive, I also get queasy and most time empty my stomach a couple times, and most the time they are only 2 dayers but over the last two weeks I've had 2 4 dayers. In my life migraines com in cycles I will have a year or two of almost constant migraines and then 2 with barely any.

    Through the 1st trimester I had a couple not too bad and the Tylenol extra strength was working ok ( I'm used to much more powerful medications) Now though it is doing nothing for me, I honestly expected that. I've called the dr. and am in the process of getting a prescription to help.

    Here is the real question, what am I going to do with a newborn/toddler in the near future with chronic migraines? As of now I'm 21, I work full time at a day care. I have learned to work through the pain as much as I can because I'm an adult and have responsibilities. But with a child I will be with at least the 1st 4 months of it's I can't take a day off, I need to figure out how to handle both. A crying/screaming child when on these days I really need lay down and sleep with no light or noise.

    Any one been through it? What do you do? I plan on getting back on medication after birth/breastfeeding but it's not instant relief and the like.
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    Alfiejoe -

    My mother had regular migraines with I was very young, and I can just remember being told that she needed to rest, and we turned off the lights and didn't make a sound. Even at 5 or 6, we knew what we were supposed to do. I don't know how she handled us when we were babies - likely took us to bed with her, so the second we started to cry, she could quiet us with nursing.

    I will say that the first time you become sick yourself after having a kid, it fully hits you how much responsibility you have (and it sucks). No more going to bed and doing everything necessary to make sure you get well. Instead, you feel terrible and are stumbling around trying to care for someone else. For me, it was when my first son was 3 months, and it was so awful I kept thinking, "How can I ever have another kid?"

    But here I am, pregnant with #4. Like you said you do now, you're an adult and you just deal with it. The same when you have children. Somehow, you just get used to that kind of thing, and it feels less and less terrible each time. I can't explain it. I mean, some women have horrible, terrible morning sickness where they can't get off the couch - and still manage to have their kids 12 months apart. You will learn to deal with it and your child will, too. A few weeks ago I had a stomach virus, plus had two other kids sick. I threw up, then still got up the next morning with the baby and made do. Compared to how I felt when I got sick that first time with just one kid, this time barely even fazed me. I even had all my wisdom teeth out this summer and still managed to nurse my son through the haze of pain, because I had to. It felt inconvenient, but I didn't resent it, and it didn't feel like that big of a deal. Bottom line: what seems impossible now will become possible.

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    Clover, love your advice and I feel like I should print that "bottom line" and put it on my fridge!

    Alfiejoe, migraines are awful, so sorry to hear that you deal with this so frequently! I do think you'll just find a way. You'll work through it all you can and some days, maybe you will need to stay in a dark room, set up baby's swing or bouncer, bassinet, and whatever toys will comfort and keep him/her occupied within arm's reach, and just make do. You'll figure it out. Do you have a support system nearby? I'm blessed to have my MIL a few towns away and know that if I ever were sick enough that I couldnt handle it, I'd have someone to call. Just knowing that there is an option to "call for backup" might give you the peace of mind to not need to use it.

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