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    Hello everyone!
    I admit that I haven't read all nine pages of posts, but I'm looking forward to following the pregnancies of my fellow Nameberries.

    I am only about five weeks pregnant; tired, but no morning sickness (Praise the Lord!). We recently moved, so we had to search out the local midwives. Fortunately, an acquaintance of mine recommended one and I will be calling the midwife today to schedule a consultation.
    I know that this is the second time around, but everything still seems fresh and exciting!
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    alfiejoe- my mom is a preschool teacher and she is always exhausted at the end of her days too. I think she has 12 or 13 students right now with one aid who goes between her class and another pre school class!(k-3 actually) that's a hard job for anyone much less a pregnant lady!

    Blade- I actually got accepted by the last available vbac friendly OB with my hospital. I don't know if there is an academic hospital nearby I hadn't even thought of that option. I don't think there is one close enough for me to go too but I was considering going to a vbac friendly hospital about an hour away if this doctor didn't accept me. I was just trying to stick with the hospital i had my son at for insurance purposes.
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    great news, congratulations. I hope you have a good relationship.
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    Weird question, I have noticed that my eyebrows and hair are growing faster ( boo to eyebrows, yay to hair) but I also have way more ingrown hairs....normal? It's just kind of like why that's tender, it's mostly under one arm in my armpit, but others in random spots. So just a bad side effect of hair growing faster?
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    alfiejo- i don't really have personal experience with that but I have heard of others who have had extra hair problems! i did get a little bit of hair on my stomach which really grossed me out a lot! It went away after the birth though!

    Is anyone thinking about nursery decor and bedding yet? For our son I bought a 9 piece baby bedding set on ebay and it was a good deal but I didn't use hardly any of it, lol! It came with curtains which i did use and then it had a bumper, sheet, a little decorative pillow, a "diaper holder" and a little tie on pocket thing for the crib which i used to store extra pacis and bottles for the night. I still have it on his crib and use it. But the bumpers I took off as soon as he started wiggling around and boy does he wiggle around! So this time around I am only going to buy separate pieces if i think I will use them. I am thinking about trying my hand at sewing a quilt! I've done one large one before and so I think i could do a crib size one fairly easily! I don't really sew much but my mom sews quite a bit and taught me basics on her machine so I think i could do a decent job. Color schemes I am thinking about for now is girl: denim, white lace and bright accent color maybe yellow or pink(i'm not too into loads of pink or purple), maybe even red. Boy: Yellow, white and navy blue. I am not doing a theme as far as an object (animals, butterflys etc) I plan to use the curtains and wall decor to bring out the colors!!

    We are still not sure if we are going to find out the gender of the baby. Anyone else still deciding on this?

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