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    sorry all, didn't mean to monopolize the thread with Blade. I progressed just fine during labor, a bit on the long side, but that can be expected. Everything was fine until I pushed for two hours and he hadn't moved down during the pushing. my doctor told me I was pushing great and my son's HR never faltered, he was not in distress and for that I am thankful. My doctor encouraged me to keep pushing for a while longer but I chose the c section. I don't think pushing longer would have changed anything though. Only maybe moving around.

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    No problem libbyj, it was interesting to read!

    I *think* I'm feeling subtle movement now, but no idea really. For the past several days I've felt this crawly feeling kind of on the lower abdomen, sometimes center, sometimes right side, seems stronger in the late afternoon and evening. "Crawly" sounds so much less magical than "flutters"! I guess it'll either become clear in the next few weeks and I'll ask my doctor on Thursday to make sure this is normal, haha.

    Good for you for announcing alfiejoe! I keep procrastinating...I had planned to announce after my NT scan results, but then a friend from college announced THAT DAY and I felt like I'd be stealing her thunder to be like "Oh hey, ditto..." So now I'm planning to announce after my appt. this week...I'll be close to 17 weeks so I think it's time. Oh facebook politics...

    Hope everybodys feeling good!

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    I am totally ready to be past this first trimester/sickness/exhaustion stage, anyone else!!!?? I just feel like keeping up with my toddler takes ALL of the little energy I'm able to expend and I have none leftover for cleaning, cooking or anything else. My house seems to be a disaster all the time and my husband tries hard to help pick up, clean and cook, but he is very busy with a job that has full time hours plus a 2 hour commute everyday and another job on the weekends as well. I know he is getting very frustrated with the house and my lack of energy as well, even though he is trying to be sympathetic and knows I just don't feel well. It's just not fun and I'm ready for this to be over. I'm hoping that it ends around the same time as with my first, which would be in about 3 weeks or so. I'm trying to hope for the best and stay positive.

    It doesn't help that I am TOTALLY stressed trying to find a doc to let me vbac. I'm still searching and waiting to hear back from one today whether he will take me or not. Apparently everyone is due in August in my city! Its getting ridiculous!

    Hope everyone else is feeling okay!!

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    aww libb06, that sucks I'm only 1 week from second trimester and I have felt progressively better for the last two weeks. Though I'm still so tired, my DH finally stepped it up after I worked myself up and spent a whole day throwing up. I don't have toddler but I'm a pre-school teacher with 11 kids each day and they keep me running!

    Sorry you are having such issues with the doctor=/ I'm the only person I know due in August everyone else is June/July so hoping to hear how their labor when before I get there!
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    btw @libby- not sure where you live or if it's an option, but it sounds like you're only calling private practice OBs. If there is an academic hospital nearby with an obstetrics residency program, absolutely give them a call. They will be much more comfortable and eager to accept you as a patient for a TOLAC versus an independent private practice OB. You can either be a private patient of one of the attendings or be in the general resident clinic (where you will get a lot more attention ).
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