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    So my doctor called and I'm anemic =/ had a feeling that was coming. I'm to take 325mg of iron twice a day. I have been exhausted all day everyday since about week 6 I'm hoping that taking the iron might make this more manageable? Anyone else going through that or been through that?

    Also I'm never hungry, food sounds gross almost always, I know I need to eat and eat healthy but I'm having a hard time making myself. I don't have anyone to have dinner with as DH works 2nd shift and I before being pregnant got into the habit of really not eating dinner or if I did not always the healthiest choices and now during the week without DH checking I find I'm really struggling to eat
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    @alfiejoe, I have not been through the anemia, but I'm a meal skipper too, before being pregnant coffee was breakfast and I also tended to skip dinner or just graze through the evening. It's especially hard when youre cooking for one! I try to prepare things in larger batches in advance that I can just heat up instead of having to "cook" when it's just me at home. When I didnt feel good, I felt like I ws nearly constant snacking (sliced fruit, cheese, yogurt, crackers, granola bars, nuts) to make up for not being able to eat "normal sized" meals. Tomato soup has also been my friend lately.

    Similar note, I had a client today tell me I'm not gaining enough weight. (Seriously?! I guess this is why I held out so long before starting to tell work people...)
    I'm only 16 weeks and would say I'm up about 5 pounds...I thought that was pretty on target so far...I was happy just not to break even during the first trimester. Grr, I knew the unsolicited advice would be coming, but I didnt expect it THIS soon! Now I'm all nervous.

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    Well, I did have a doctor. Until today when I met her. She said, "I and the others in my group only do repeat c sections if you have had a previous c section." I SO DO NOT WANT another c section! So my search is on again. Almost all of the doctors at my hospital that will support vbac are filled for the month I'm due. I have two more to call on monday and I hope one of them is available!I had no idea that some doctors at my hopsital only did repeats. I just cried and cried when I got out to the van! I'm 11 weeks and was so relieved to have finally found a doctor. I thought. On a happy note, I was able to have an ultra sound and the little baby looks great. It was wiggling around in there and was so relieved to see it finally! I am very glad she told me right up front and didn't get me halfway through the pregnancy before throwing that on me. She was a bit straightforward, but was not really rude or anything. She gave me the whole spiel on why its safer for me to have repeats(I agree for some women it would be, but not in my case) and said, "Well, since we already know you can't deliver vaginally....yadadada" To that I replied, it was simply my baby's position that made the c section necessary, and that only because some OBs don't really go the natural route and say stuff like, "Why don't we turn down your epidural and get you into different positions to see if baby will move?" They just say, "Well, you could have a c section...." It was mostly my fault, due to lack of being prepared. I do not blame my doctor for my c section. It would be nice if they gave you more natural options that just taking you to the OR, though, for us first time moms who aren't as up on everything. Anyways, please pray I can find the right doctor!!!!

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    Good luck libby! Plenty of OBs, especially those who are more recently trained (i.e. just finished residency), will support a monitored Trial of Labor After Caesarean (and, hopefully, all will go well and therefore a VBAC). The uterine rupture risk is only 1-2% and for most people that's decent odds to give it a [closely monitored] shot. You can search for providers who graduated residency in the last 5-10 years and see if you have better luck.

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    1-2% is such a small number for the huge scare OBs give people about repeats being better, etc... I'm sure for some women that is the way to go. I have a friend who delivered vaginally and should not have. She was like a straight stick and it messed her up bad. She couldn't walk for months. Well, she eventually healed and had another child, but by c section! Smart choice for her. I just honestly don't believe something like that was my problem. Maybe, if my son had been in the correct position and he still wasn't coming out, be he had two things going against him! Face-up, which are harder to deliver in the first place, and then his head was cocked and stuck on my bone because he wasn't lined up right. ( I think this is due to a couple factors, my lying down so long one and possibly my scoliosis, which i will be seeing a pregnancy chiropractor for this time around, as well as doing spinning babies positions to help get baby down there right!) I think my chances are high. OF course, if a life or death situation, I would not hesitate to have a repeat to get my baby out safely. But I want to give it my best shot and up my chances by being smart and prepared as possible!
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