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    Whenever I read your list, I think of the name Phaedra.

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    I would absolutely keep all of these contenders under consideration:

    Niniane, Vesper/Hespera, Belphoebe, Cyrene, Thalia, Illyria, Everild, Tinuviel and Ophelia

    The only one that doesn't quite fit the desired imagery is Thalia, muse of history. Ophelia met a watery end, but otherwise that connection is a bit shaky too.


    Belisande: the Gaulish and British goddess of the elements of both fire and water associated with lakes and rivers, fire, light and domestic crafts. (Most common version of her name is Belisama).

    Genoveva: a quasi-mythical noblewoman, Genoveva of Brabant, who lived in seclusion in a forest in the wilds of France. Her legend became part of European literature and was references throughout the Enlightenment in multiple books, poems, and plays.

    Arethusa: a water nymph; her name simply means 'the water.'

    Canace: "child of the wind" in Greek; she was a daughter of King Aeolus. Some versions of her myth are a bit icky, with incest and suicide, some not.

    Isaura (ee-SOR-ah): "soft air" in Greek

    Erianthe: "sweet as many flower" in Greek

    Talvi (as a middle): Finnish for 'winter'

    Clarissant: "bright, famous, holy;" a minor Arthurian character

    Essylt / Estrild: "ice fighter," another minor Arthurian character; probable variant of Iseult

    Lisanor: mother of Arthur's son Lohot

    Nineve: another variant of Niniane

    Eirian: Welsh name meaning "bright and beautiful"

    Gwenllian: only child of Prince Llewellyn and Eleanor, Lady of Wales; name means "white flood." Very interesting historical figure.

    Mererid: feminine form of Meredith, meaning "sun on the sea"
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    I know Orpheus is on your boys list but how about Orphea for a girl?

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    Wait no! What happened to Belphoebe?! Hespera? Illyria? Vesper? Everild? Don't throw out all the old beauties.
    I do love the suggestion of Cassiopeia for you - it's so fabulously long! Is there a starrier name? Do you know that Joanna Newsome song? I forget which, but she sings about Cassiopeia, and it's pretty fun.
    How about Pine, for contrast and crispness?
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    claireelsie: Phaedra is gorgeous, but her myth is so tragic I can't use it.

    blade: again, thank you (for the suggestions, and for bothering doing this again!)! I love Belisande, Genoveva, Arethusa, Isaura, Erianthe, Clarissant, Estrild, Lisanor, Nineve, Eirian, Gwenllion and Mererid. And Meredith for that matter. That was almost all of them... you know me so well!

    sawdustanddiamonds: Orphea is very pretty! Maybe a switch...

    emma: They're still in there! The main problem with the girl list is that we don't agree on the names. I love Niniane, Hespera, Cyrene and Tinuviel, he loves Illyria, Thalia, Vesper, Belphoebe the most. Everild we both love, but it clashes horribly with last name. Endellion was our favourite girl name, but it's so similar to Endymion. I love the Joanna Newsome song, it is called Cassiopeia!

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