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Thread: Unique S names?

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    Unique S names?

    I'm looking for an S name that is somewhat unique and fun, but not too totally crazy. Boy and girl names! I love Shiloh for a girl, but hubby isn't into it. Any thoughts? What are your kids' S names?

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    Girl: Saga, Selene, Saskia, Seren, Signe, Shoshannah, Sisel, Siv, Sol, Sorrel, Sunniva, Silke, Svanild

    Boy: Samson, Solomon, Seymour, Sidney, Socrates, Sterling, Stellan, Svante, Sigmund, Silvan

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    I personally prefer Shiloh for a boy, and I also like Sage, Salem, Schuyler (SKY-ler), Sebastien, September/Septimus, Seven, Severin, Shalom, Shepherd, Silas, Solomon, Sparrow & Sylvain. For girls, I like Sabine, Sabrina, Saoirse (SAIR-sha or SEER-sha), Seraphine/a, Serena, Sophronia and Sylvie/a.
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    I like Silas and Sawyer for a boy a lot, but they are becoming so common! I think when this kid goes to school, it won't be surprising to see more than one in each grade. I like the nature names like Sparrow and Sky, but I don't know if hubby will go for those. I do like Shepherd... do you think it is cute for a little guy though? Sounds very grown up to me.

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