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    Portia or Giselle would be lovely matches
    ATLAS BRAM - Oct 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlettsensibility View Post
    Oh, I love Cleopatra with it.

    What do you think of Persephone Anne and Cleopatra Eve?
    Well Cleopatra is certainly a bold choice. She was a brilliant and powerful woman. Obviously she came to a tragic end, but so did Persephone. Both names have a very strong shadow about them. Which is interesting - not necessarily bad imo.
    I'm not really feeling Anne and Eve with your names. How about:
    Persephone Garnet
    Apparently, Garnet is an English surname referring to a person who sold pomegranates. Which is appropriate for Persephone, obvs.
    To keep with the jewel theme, you could do Cleopatra Pearl. Cleopatra wore a lot of them! If you do name your daughter Cleopatra, I highly recommend the biography by Stacy Schiff, and the nickname Cleo :-)

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