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    Husband and I at loggerheads.....

    Hi, my husband and I are expecting a baby girl but CANNOT agree on a name.

    We would like the middle name to be May (family name) and our surname is three syllables.

    His favourites are;

    Eleri, Madeleine (nn Maddy), Millie and Jessica.

    Mine are;

    Evie, Maisie and Floris (nn Floss/Florrie)

    I realise Maisie May sounds ridiculous but do you think Maddie May sounds too much like Rod Stewarts Maggie May song?

    My concerns about Eleri are 1) that people will pronounce it Ellery rather than Elairy and also it will get shortened to Ellie which I am not a fan of.

    Any thoughts or other recommendations would be much appreciated!

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    Eleri I was thinking rhymes with celery?
    Madeleine May is pretty & unless you were calling her by Maddy May I wouldn't make the Maggie May connection
    Millie- I prefer a longer fn with nn Millie. Millie May is a bit kiddish
    Jessica- pretty & you rarely hear it any more. I think it's more sophisticated than some of the others.
    Evie- I prefer Eve or some less nicknamey forn. Eve May is choppy so Evangeline, Yvette, Ivana?
    Maisie- I love this! But mostly as a nn.
    Floris- nms. Reminds me of Doris & Florence.

    I think my style is more formal than yours cause a lot of these feel nicknamey. I like

    Marina May
    Marisa May
    Marlene May
    Marigold May
    All of the above with pet name Maisie
    Jessica May
    Jessamine May
    Jasmine May
    Madeleine May

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    Camilla May nn Millie
    Evelyn May nn Evie
    Elinor May
    Flora May nn Florrie
    Jessamine May

    I think Maddie May sounds ok, although it is a lot of M'a and A's in a row. I probably would have pronounced Eleri incorrectly, although it is a beautiful sounding name. Hope you both find something you love. Good luck!

    Just remembered that I know a little girl named Evie Kate, I think Evie May is equally adorable!

    Also - would you ever consider using May as the first name, and compromising on a middle? May Eleri sounds great, and then you wouldn't have to worry about pronunciation problems, since Eleri is in the middle. Just a thought.
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    I love Eleri!! I don't like the nn Ellie either, so that would put me off if I were to use it as well. You could always tell them it's just Eleri, no nn. Otherwise, I like Madeleine (but hate the nn Maddy), Jessica and Evangeline (with the nn Evie).
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    I actully prn Eleri correctly, but I do think it's asking for trouble a little bit, what about Elodie, Eloise, Elora?
    I have to admit, I cannot stand Floris, makes me think or Fluoride, Flossing your teeth etc.
    I do like Evie and Madeleine, Evie May is pretty cute, though a bit cutesy. Madeleine could also go by Lainie or Lenny, either of those would be cute with May. Maisie is just too cutesy for me, Jessica is pretty dated IMO and Millie, while cute, Millie May is just over the top, a longer name would be better shortened to Millie.

    My suggestions:
    Penelope - Penny or Poppy

    Hope these help!

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