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    Quote Originally Posted by irmgard+theodorian View Post
    I agree with east93 on all but Derek. I think Derek is the football player who has more depth to him than that.
    Ooh, I can see that too.
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    Mix up the syllables a bit. They're all 2-2. It's boring.

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    I agree with east93. With the addition of a football player for Derek.
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    Mary Gomez: Slightly Hispanic and quiet, with very dark eyes.
    Emma Knight: Long hair, bubbly and perky, with a great sense of humour but slightly sarcastic
    Derek Hershey: Sorry, but if you want brutal honesty, I think of the brand Hershey's chocolate. I think Derek Hershel (or Hershall? Hershell?) would be better.

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    Ok, if I change Derek to Josh, then what personality to you get from Josh Hershey?

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