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    I think if you changed her last name to Ward I'd get the same impression, I'd just get a more WASP-y vibe.
    As for the name, I like Mariposa Elizabeth Gomez, nickname Mary.

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    Mary Gomez should stay as Mary, Mariposa just makes it too much.

    Mary Elizabeth is great.

    Emma Ward is much better than Emma Knight.
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    Thanks, I think that Ward fits better than Knight! I picture Emma, as eccentric, humble, plump, blonde, and has an obsession with duct tape and duct-tivies! Also Ward feels more humble and less flashy than Knight!

    Also for Mary's full name, Mariposa might be too frilly but it can still be used as a nickname! But I'm leaning towards using Estefania _____ Mary combo but I still need a name to fill in the blank!
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