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    Your Impressions Of These Character Names!

    I'm currently in the beginning process of making new novel, what impression do you get from the character's name:

    Mary Gomez-main character
    Emma Knight-Mary's best friend
    Derek Hershey-Mary's love interest

    They are all in their teens!

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    Brutally honest? They're a bit forgettable.

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    I'm sorry didn't specify enough, I mean what personalities do you see the character with based off their name!

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    Mary Gomez - Behind the scenes kind of teen, not many friends, kind of dislikes life.

    Emma Knight - Bubbly out going blonde, with lots of friends. Is only really Mary's friend because they've known each other since Kindergarten. Tries to bring her out of her shell.

    Derek Hershey - Light brown hair, hazel eyes. Handsome, but in a quiet way. Has his group of friends, but isn't exclusive to them. The guy that everyone knows on some level, but he's not the popular kind. Has some sort of quiet passion.
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    I agree with east93 on all but Derek. I think Derek is the football player who has more depth to him than that.

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