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    Question Do preferences change once you're actually expecting, or even after the birth?

    I have a list that's been morphing around since I was twelve. Some names have come and gone, some have been on there for years or even the beginning.

    I work with kids, so recently I started mentally trying out names on them... mostly imagining calling them by my favorites while watching them play. I've found that doing that really changes how I feel about a name, even more so than the classic "try-on" at Starbucks.

    So it got me thinking: did your feelings about any names change once the impending possibility of bestowing it on a person sank in? I can imagine the reality of being pregnant would change things, as might actually seeing the baby (last-minute changes at the hospital... I fear this, so we've decided no decisions until after the birth. Going in with a shortlist).

    I'd love to hear any and all musings!

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    Yes, very much so. It's why the name lists of the younger berries who are not having families any time soon, and especially those unpartnered and therefore without another person's preferences, heritage, family, surname etc to consider, always have very exotic & whimsical name lists. And (with certain exceptions) the people naming actual children are less adventuresome and more measured.

    Once you're pregnant it becomes apparent what an enormous responsibility selecting a name is. You do begin to imagine announcing it, enrolling said child in playgroups and school, shouting it out in anger, writing it, spelling it, etc multiple times a day. You realize that you wish it to encapsulate your secret hopes and expectations for the child, but also want it to be wearable and give him/her enough room to breathe and make the name their own. You seriously consider the very good advice "would you name yourself this? Would you like to go through life with this name?"
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    Not the way I thought it would. I've always had this feeling that when I got pregnant I would want something short and sweet, something classic with a little spunky. And with a different father to the child, I probably would've picked one of those names. But my boyfriend has a great passion for names as well, and not the normal ones.

    And as blade said, it is a big responsibility to name a little person, we have taken a lot of names we love off the list because we don't want our child to go through life being associated with whores, murderers or monsters.

    We're going in with a short list as well, I can't choose one name until I meet my baby.

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    I also find that the names I would consider now that I have a baby are different since I want a well balanced sibset. This eliminates lots of names that I like but that are too different from the style we chose for DD's name.

    It occurred to me recently that we did not have a backup name planned if our daughter didn't seem like a Miriam. We also never doubted our choice once she was born. Once we had her name picked, it was set in stone.

    There's also a bid difference between the names I like and recommend on Nameberry and the names I can actually consider for my own children (mostly because we would only pick names that work well in French and English).
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    I actually haven't change my name preferences since I became pregnant. I'm almost 12 weeks, and it's definitely set in that I'll be naming a real person, but my names haven't changed. If anything, I love my name choices even more now that I'm picturing them on a real baby. Each and ever name combo on my list was chosen with great care and love and every single name has great meaning. If this baby is a boy, he will be Damien Quillon Frode (Quillon -- kwil-on and Frode -- froh-deh) and if it's a girl she will be Persephone Elysia Willow (Elysia said the Greek way -- eh-lee-see-uh). Those were the same names I picked 6 months ago when we first started, and 3 months in, I love them more. They have such deep and loving meaning, that I can't think of changing them and I don't want to. I tried to put the "weirder" names in the middle so that my son or daughter has an easy enough time with just an unpopular name up front.

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