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    Help! How does this sound....

    If I have a girl I want to name her Marlin Krista.

    Both names have very special meaning to me. Marlin comes from my aunt that passed away 6 mos ago. Her middle name was Marline....pronounced Marlene. She disliked her middle name so I decided that Marlin would still honor her without using the name she disliked. Krista comes from my sister that passed away 4 years ago. Her name was Kristina, her middle name is unusable as it is already used.

    Do you think it flows or should I use a different variation of Krista/Kristina? I want to keep Marlin as the first name, if possible. Thanks

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    Marlin krista sounds alright as a combo. I'm really not a fan of Marlin. To me it sounds very masculine, reminds me of the Miami Marlins, or just a fish. I do appreciate that you want to name her after your aunt. Is a variation of her first name more usable? From Marlene I might do..

    Marin - prn Mare-in

    Krista is cute, but has some strange personal connotations for me, and also sounds like a baby born in the 90s.

    From Kristina I might try..


    I'm sorry if I come across as harsh, If you really like Marlin Krista, you should go for it.

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    You could always combine Marline and Kristina - Martina, or Kristine.

    Marlin Krista is nice, but Marlin Kristina flows better, in my opinion. I also think that Mara Kristine would be another beautiful option for you. There are so many versions of both names! Or perhaps you could even use your aunt's first name, since you mentioned that she didn't even really like her middle name?

    Also: I like the pp's suggestion of Marley...sort of a modern twist of Marlene.

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    Thanks for your reply. I do like Mara. Lena is my mil's name and my neice is named after her so that name is a no go. I absolutely love Marley BUT my cousin just name her baby Marley. Not sure about Marin, to me that sounds more masculine than Marlin.

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    There are so many people around here with her first name, younger and older. That's why I'm not keen on using it.

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