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    Oh, and Euridice- yes!

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    Thanks so much everyone! You are being very helpful, and respectful! Thank you!!!

    uniquenamelover: Thank you for poiting out the pronunciation things. We might have missed some obvious things. And thank you for your opinions, I love Thalia and Eudora too.

    hatter: Thank you, yeah I think some of them might be a little difficult. I hoped not! I do like Iphigenia, it's super cute.

    mischa: ooooh, those combos are fantastic! I absolutely adore Callisto Joy Fairlight and Belphoebe Garland Tempest.

    germyflub12: Thank you! Abd those combos are beautiful, Thalia Winter Louise and Vesper Pandora Ren are gorgeous! Melusine lost out... we decided no shifty characters/monsters/bad guys as first names. I do love Melusine though. Boyfriend isn't as crazy about it as I am.

    rollo: Thank you, Eunice is a beautiful name, I don't know why we never considered it. Too many names! Belphoebe is the huntress in The Faerie Queen, so a very special meaning for us.

    christabel: I love the Eurydice and Orpheus myth, it's one of my favourites. I love that he looked back, he was human! Lorien is short for Lothlorien, the magical enchanted forest in The Lord of the Rings, where Galadriel and Celadon lives. Thalia has many pronunciations, we're going for THAYL-ee-uh.

    emmabobemma: Thank you! I really like Endymion and Belphoebe together, shepherd and huntress. And Eudora is beautiful, one of those names that gets better and better every time I say it. You know two Thalias? I've never met one! I love Callisto and Cyrene, both are associated with hunting...

    entangler: WOW! I can't pick just one, all of those combos are stunning! Thalia Tempest Ivy and Belphoebe Pandora Ren are breathtaking! I do really like Celeste, Thalia Pandora Celeste is gorgeous. Belphoebe Snow Starling, Belphoebe Ofelia Ren... just gorgeous. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to like Ophelia. Maybe make him watch Pan's Labyrinth will help. She's cool! Starlight is beautiful too, a lovely choice for middle. Plus one of my favourite songs is named Starlight!

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    Ottilie! I love your list! So mystical and faerie-like! I feel we're both going for similar imagery with our baby names so i love reading your lists!
    Your are a lot more daring than mine which i love!
    Belphoebe i think is great, less cutesy than Phoebe alone and it just looks so beautiful written down! the meaning is great too. The suggestion of Belphoebe Snow Starling stands out for me, though I also love Thalia Tempest Ivy that entangler suggested!
    I dont think Belphoebe is 'too much' either, i mean if you think of frilly names like Arabella and the like its much more toned down yet still has its unique shine to it!
    Callisto is great too, i'm not sure if i prefer Callista though. hmmm... its growing on me!
    Halcyone always sticks out for me, i dont know how wearable it is but i think it could be!

    Haha i am definately swayed by Belphoebe though.. just gorgeous. And i LOVE all your middle name options, i think a lot of them could also be great first names
    Thalia i like but not as much as Belphoebe! Eudora i think is really sweet but again doesnt 'shine' for me like Belphoebe.
    Expecting a baby GIRL!!! 19/3/2013

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    Again, great short list!

    Alcyone: Because it's been carried over into English as Halcyon, I feel you will very frequently get "Al-see-OWN" instead of your desired pronunciation. In fact, of all the names on your list, I fear this will be the hardest for the average person to get right. It obviously carries an image of peace and tranquility-- not so much the deep wild wastes.

    Belphoebe: beautiful character from the Faerie Queene (she didn't get raped! hooray!); I like the huntress association which is again not too overt. Due to the popularity of Phoebe I think this will be a) accessible, but b) potentially seen as a trendy take on that name, perhaps a smash of Isabelle + Phoebe. I worry that its beauty will be lost, pearls before swine, etc.

    Callisto: rape-y, but obviously accessible in pronunciation and wearable thanks to Callista Flockhart. However, I think it might be frequently misheard as either Callista or Calypso.

    Cyrene - si-REE-nee: I think this, without a doubt, will be pronounced si-REEN. I also don't really like the mythological Cyrene very much. Whereas Artemis was a huntress but also the virgin moon-goddess, and goddess of wisdom, Cyrene was just a brute, honestly.

    Eudora: "good gift," which is obviously an uplifting meaning. Easy to wear. Eudora Welty is a good namesake, but the mythological Eudora just went around weeping, hence her association as a rain-nymph.

    Eurydice - yoo-RI-duh-see: Love it. I love the English pronunciation more than the Greek, and think it's easier.However, she wasn't quite as heroic, in the myth, as was Orpheus-- rather passive, the typical damsel waiting to be rescued archetype. I might prefer someone like Belphoebe who was a bit more active and strong.

    Lorien: very wearable and not an overt Tolkien name, but the forest name to end all forest names. Beautiful.

    Nephele: Again, so rich and evocative. I love the idea of bringing the cloud-nymph to life. She was a very minor personnage, so it's more the imagery she conjures up rather than herself as a heroine/namesake.

    Niniane: I love this borrowing from Arthurian legend and Brythonic mythology. I think the Llewellyn book has an entry on Niniane/Nimue and its deep roots into Celtic mythology. It has a gorgeous sound; to avoid the 'ninny' problem I would pronounce the first syllable 'neen.' "Neen-ee-AH-nuh."

    Thalia: my favorite Muse. Very accessible. Not a wild, woodsy namesake, but a good one.

    Vesper: again I find it a curious choice for your family, as it's so overtly Christian. So prefer Hesper / Hespera, what with the astronomical and twilight associations.

    Middles: I'll try the same as with your boys, with three tentative must use / maybe use / would not use groups:

    Must Use:
    Constance: beautiful virtue name, with emulatory qualities
    Dione: familiar to all, nice nod to mythology
    Everild: I'm biased as it's on my own list; great namesake and sounds like "Ever Wild"
    Fiametta: beautiful name, but quite fiery in contrast to your cool, soothing, woodsy imagery
    Garland: love the subtle nature nod here without being too overt
    Illyria: beautiful, half-mythical utopia. Wild and dreamy.
    Joy: so simple and sweet
    Louise: ?family name? Perhaps Lovisa, to honor your heritage?
    Mielikki: I like the nod to your boyfriend's heritage. Not sure how workable it will be into combinations? Also like Tellervo (Finnish forest goddess), which might fit better.
    Mist: beautiful word and will work well in name combinations!
    Nyx: fantastic mythological namesake, absolutely beautiful, and will work well in combos. Only downside is the common word 'nix,' meaning to cancel out.
    Persephone: a good namesake, though a bit of a passive figure even for a goddess.
    Polymnia: I love what she represents but the name will be difficult to use.
    Tempest: beautiful, nature + literary

    Maybe Use:
    Azure: Pretty color word, but not as rich/storied as some choices
    Eos: difficult to place in combinations, and almost feels technological or like an operating system (iOS)
    Eowyn: depends if you want your name to feel overtly LOTR. She was a fine character, and the name has a lovely sound, but I think Lorien (or something like Earendil) would be much better
    Fairlight: fairy lights?
    Ivy: such a popular hipster name. Unless it has a significance I don't know of, I would consider something more original
    Loveday: sweet but not as substantial
    Lux: pretty word, but the sound (flux, sucks) isn't the best
    Melusine: I can't decide where to place Melusine. In the end, she was a monster, albeit a monster with a pretty name.
    Silver: fine, but not too subtle. What do you think of Arianwen?
    Snow: like Silver, not too subtle. What about the nameberry favorite Lumi? Or Eira? Or Eirlys, the snowdrop?
    Villanelle: it's a pretty word and quite obscure. Again, I'd prefer an artist rather than the art form itself, but it's such an unknown I think it will pass based on sound alone.
    Waverly: pretty but not intriguing enough to be considered
    Willow: it's a lovely tree but rather commonly used. If you look up the symbolism of the trees, is Willow the one you prefer?
    Winter: an everyday word, not as evocative.

    Would Not Use:
    Aquamarine: it too long and heavy (paradoxically). I would use Marin / Marine / Nerine in a heartbeat, but don't care for the Aqua
    Calliope: this is the hurdy-gurdy at the circus
    Circe: don't care for the namesake at all
    Harmonia: harmonica? Honestly, Harmony made it into too many pot-addled hippie lists back in the 70s.
    Holly: so popular-- you have much richer options
    Idunn: A Norse goddess, yes, but doesn't cross over into English well. Looks like "I dunno"
    Iynx: a nymph with an unusable name
    Lexie: quite perplexed to see this trendy Alex diminutive on your list
    Libertine: this is a thoroughly negative word-- a slur
    Lively: prefer Vivian or its variants
    Luthien: it's one of the loveliest Tolkien legends, especially in its real-life corollaries, but I think the phonetics won't work (sounds like Luther)
    Moonbeam: 70s hippie rather than beautiful and evocative
    Mythily: it sounds like an adverb off the word 'myth;' also a bit lisping
    Oenone: will be prn 'one one.' Do not think it is usable. Also, a wine-nymph. (We still use her name in 'oenology')
    Pandora: an online music streaming site. Plus the sexual "Pandora's box."
    Psyche: for all those who don't immediately see 'psycho,' psyche simply means 'the mind.' Not really seen as a person's name given the widespread, common usage.
    Ren: not sure why this is on your list, as it's typically a male diminutive.
    Reverie: basically akin to 'daydream'
    Sif: she's sort of the Norse Hera; and much more domestic than you're looking for. I don't care as much for the phonetics of the name either (sift, sieve)
    Sonnet: would rather see a famous poet rather than the art form itself. Akin to "painting" rather than "Titian," or "novel" rather than "Flaubert."
    Syrinx: this is the only one I feel strongly you should not use. It's an anatomical malformation of the spinal cord & CSF drainage system causing neurological problems.
    Tigerlily: calls to mind the highly offensive Native American princess in 'Peter Pan.' And the Geldofs.
    Valkyrie: this is sometimes used as a term for a heavy, screeching woman
    Vixen: no way!
    Waterlily: I don't find it as lovely; however, the Australian name Nerida means 'water lily' in an Aboriginal language and is quite close to Nereida / the nereids.
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    Thalia is my favorite.

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