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    Looking For One Last Name!

    My husband and I are planning on having two kids in the near future. Therefore wed like to have two girls names and two boys names picked out. We are almost there! We have...

    Merrick Liam
    Konrad Isaac (Ike)

    Cora Annaliese

    We really like Natalia for the second girls name but we cant think of a good middle name! My husband suggested maybe something short and sweet, since Natalia is sort of long. Here are some we brainstormed, but didnt really like any of them with Natalia...


    We dont want anything that ends in 'a'. I want something that sounds sweet and girly, but playful and fun.

    All suggestions Welcome! Thanks!

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    Natalia Mae
    Natalia Leigh
    Natalia Rose
    just to name a few short and sweet mn's
    i like your middle choice of rain maybe spelt rayne instead .. sounds beautiful
    good luck
    ~Chantel Marie

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    A few ideas to hopefully get you inspired:

    Natalia Jane
    Natalia Aster
    Natalia Maeve
    Natalia Cosette
    Natalia Blanche
    Natalia Wren
    Natalia Violet
    Natalia Winter
    Natalia Ruby
    Natalia Sloane
    Natalia Beth
    Natalia Blair
    Natalia Verity

    ...I tried to give names of many styles and backgrounds. Hopefully you like something you see.

    The combinations you have for your future sons and daughter are lovely. Good luck!
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    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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