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    I think you need to choose one or the other, it's not fair on the kid other wise. I perfer eh-lay-na though it's up to you

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    You'll probably end up confusing the child by using both and it can take them forever to learn how they should say their name. What if the teacher asked "and how do you pronounce that" She would be so confused! I would pick one and stick with it.

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    The fact is the world will use both so your child will need to learn to roll with it, but within the family I think you need to choose one and stick with it. Whether she constantly corrects outsiders or just lets it lie probably has more to do with her disposition than any control you can actually exert, but at home I think an Elena needs to always be el-ayn-a (or el-en-a).
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    Does anybody watch Real Housewives? LuAnn on RHNYC has a son named Noel. I have heard her use both the pronunciation of "nole" and "no-elle" during the course of the series. I always thought that was very strange, mostly because one pronunciation sounds much more feminine than the other.

    I think it would be best to pick one and stick. However, I am guilty of this myself. I know little girl named Eva. I'm still unsure of how the family pronounces it, but I DO know it's not EE-va. So I kind of go back and forth between AY-va and EH-va, and she responds to both. I don't even mean to do it, it just happens. Just know that if you go back and forth, anyone else who comes into contact with your child is going to be very confused.
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    I am a Tara that has gone by different pronunciations in different social circles, at different jobs, ect. I have family members that call me by one & other family members that call me by the other! Never really bothers me. But my mother father only use one pronunciation and in my head it's the'right way'!

    I think keeping it consistent is a good thing, but it's probably not a big deal to switch ir up

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