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Thread: Elena?

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    I've never read or seen the Vampire Diaries but I think unless your character looks just like the one from the series it shouldn't matter. It doesn't have exclusive hold over the name Elena after all, which I think is pretty and would suit your character well.

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    A) It's not like that many people watch the show--it's the CW's highest rated series, but... I mean, the CW kept Gossip Girl around for six seasons and that thing barely brings in a million viewers half the time, lol.

    B) The book series is read largely by, I would guess, an audience who isn't going to read your fanfiction. The book series (love the show, HATE the books) is very nineties-ish, bodice ripper for teens kind of stuff. I don't think a lot of Harry Potter fans would like it. They might like the show, though.

    C) It doesn't matter. You'll always have characters share names. It's a fact of writing.

    D) Doesn't hurt it for me; I love Elena on the show. And I don't find the name Mary Sue-ish at all. Admittedly, the book character is this All American blond-haired blue-eyed girl who's super special in every single way--I get the Sue thing there. But at least Elena on the show has some Bulgarian lineage (like Nina Dobrev). It makes sense there, lol.

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    I don't watch the Vampire Diaries, so I wouldn't make the connection. It's not like EVERYBODY watches it, anyways. I think it's fine.

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    Thank you for all of your input!

    Elena was a contender among two other names, Andrea and Elise, and it's in last place currently. (Andrea's first) It's unlikely it'll be used at this point, but it's still a possibility. Thanks so much for everyone's reply, it helped a lot with keeping it on the list.

    Much appreciated.
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