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Thread: Tully & Tipper

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    Quote Originally Posted by nono View Post
    My first impulse was that Tully was male and Tipper was female, likely because I associate it with Tipper Gore.
    This, except I couldn't remember Tipper Gore at all, just read the name and it felt feminine to me, and seeing this made me realise where I subconsciously knew it from. Tipper sounds like Pippa as well, which is probably another way it sounds feminine to me.

    Tully reminds me of Sully or Gully, nicknames for boys I know called Sullivan (well, that's his surname) and Gulliver (a first name), so it cries masculine to me.

    Honestly not a fan of either, and I wouldn't be surprised to see either name on either gender as they're both unusual enough to not lean either way.

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    They both feel unisex to me. I thought girl - girl when I read the headline, though.
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    I think they could be either male or female, but they are nms (except I would consider them for pets-- I would definitely name a dog Catullus with Tully as a nn).

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    I think both are feminine sounding.
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    Tipper and Tully sound like names from a book.

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