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Thread: Tully & Tipper

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Tipper was married to the former US Vice President, and enjoys knocking over cows in meadows.

    Tully is an Irishman with a blocked nose trying to say his name.
    Haha. Agreed. Tipper Gore is the only Tipper I've ever heard of.. So it's a girl name to me. Tully sounds like Sully.. So, I'd guess a boy.

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    Both names are unisex, although Tipper is just a nickname for a posh, upper-crust baby

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    My gut reaction was Tully=boy, Tipper=girl. I could see Tully on a boy or a girl though would prefer on a boy. Tipper makes me think of Skipper (the Barbie doll). I love Tully for a boy.

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    For me, Tully is a boy and Tipper a girl but I can imagine both names being used for either gender.
    All the best,

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    My first impulse was that Tully was male and Tipper was female, likely because I associate it with Tipper Gore. I don't think I would be too surprised if I turned out to be wrong, though. They both have a pretty unisex feel.

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