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    Long CAF and 20 Years Combined {Part Three}

    You will need a D-12 die; one can be found here:

    Part one here.
    Part two here.

    Where Do You Live After You Get Married?
    1-4: Where You Grew Up
    5-8: New Place (Roll from list Where You Grew Up)
    9-12: Where Your Husband Grew Up

    What Does Your House Look Like? (Don’t roll; “If You Like”)
    Contemporary-Modern Houses

    Colonial Houses

    European Houses

    New American Houses

    Southwest Houses

    Neoclassical Houses

    Ranch Houses

    Victorian Houses

    Mediterranean Houses

    Country Houses

    Craftsman Houses

    Traditional Houses

    Do You Have Pets? (Roll for # of pets, then roll for each type)
    1. Rodent (Rat, Hamster, etc.)
    2. Dog (German Shepherd,
    3. Arachnid (Tarantula, etc.)
    4. Exotic (Raccoon, Muntjac Deer, etc.)
    5. Insects (Butterfly garden, bees, etc.)
    6. Cat
    7. Bird (Canary, finch, etc.)
    8. Freshwater Fish (Betta, Catfish, etc.)
    9. Outdoor (Horse, pig, etc.)
    10. Saltwater Fish (Clownfish, Lionfish, etc.)
    11. Reptile (Lizard, Turtle, etc.)
    12. Your Choice

    20 Years
    For each year, decide if you and DH try for a child. Roll the die if you decide to. For each year, you must roll for a life event.

    Children: Roll once to see if you have a child, and if you do, how many. Roll again for gender (even numbers are boys, odd numbers are girls). Roll for each individual name (one time for first, another for middle). You can choose if you birth the child yourself, if you have a surrogate, or if you adopt.
    1. Twins
    2. No Birth
    3. Single Birth
    4. No Birth
    5. Triplets
    6. Single Birth
    7. Twins
    8. No Birth
    9. Single Birth
    10. Triplets
    11. Single Birth
    12. No Birth

    5. Choose from the “Names Searched Right Now” at the top of the page
    12. Your Choice

    Life Events
    1. Get a new degree! Roll to see what career field your degree is in; you can choose to go into that new career or not.

    2. New Pet! Roll in the pets section to see what you’ve added!

    3. You have inherited the child/ren of a family member or friend. How did this happen? Did they pass away, did your parents send a sibling to live with you, were they unable to care for their children? Roll to see how many children they had and again to determine gender (Even=boy, Odd=girl). You decide names and ages.
    1-4: 1 child
    5-8: 2 children
    9-12: 3 children

    4. Move! You can choose to move to a new city or just move houses. For a new city, roll in the cities you grew up in section. For the new house, choose from the houses section.

    5. Promotion! You or your husband receives a promotion at work!

    6. New pet! Roll in the pets section to see what you’ve added!

    7. Write a book! If you or your partner has a writing profession, then the other partner is the one to write the bestseller. What is it about? Is it fiction, nonfiction?

    8. Sadly, your husband passes away. What happened? While you can never replace them, you know they would eventually want you to move on, whenever you’re ready. Roll for the number of years before you marry again:
    1-4: 2 years
    5-8: 3 years
    9-12: 4 years
    Now, create your new partner. Go back to the beginning and tell us all about your new husband! (Add the number of years it has been to his age. For example, if you’re on year 5 and you roll 21 as his age, then your future husband will be 26)

    9. On the rocks! You and your husband are having serious marital issues (If already single, re-roll). What are the problems? Roll to see if you stay together:
    1-4: Divorce/Break-Up. Things just aren’t working out. But you will find new love! Roll for the number of years before you marry/commit again:
    1-3: 1 year
    4-6: 2 years
    7-9: 3 years
    10-12: 4 years
    Now go back and roll about your new husband! (For his age, add the number of years it has been to the age rolled. For example, if it has been 3 years and you roll 23 as his age, then your future husband will be 26.)
    5-8: You agree to separate. Roll again. Odd number, your relationship is over; go to Divorce/Break-up instructions above. Odd number, the separation is good and you get back together.
    9-12: You work through your marital issues through counseling and stay together.

    10. You discover one of your children was switched in the hospital shortly after birth! Which child was it? How do you deal with this? Do you decide to meet your missing child? If you decide to, tell us about him/her! You decide name and gender. (If you have no children at this point, re-roll)

    11. Start a business! You and/or your partner decide to open a business: What kind is it? Will either of you use your current career(s)/degree(s) for it? You can choose to leave your current career or integrate it as a side-business!

    12. Move! Move! You can choose to move to a new city or just move houses. For a new city, roll in the cities you grew up in section. For the new house, choose from the houses section.

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    Me: Alexandra "Ally" Sophie Daniels (Wallace)
    Him: Chance Andrew Daniels

    Where we live: Boulder, Colorado


    Pets: Bird & Saltwater Fish

    Year 1:
    Give birth to a baby
    DD: Georgia Mabel Daniels.

    On the rocks! You and your husband are having serious marital issues. But you work through your marital issues through counseling and stay together.

    Year 2:
    Give birth to a baby
    DD: Demi Elizabeth Daniels

    Write a book! A romance novel.

    Year 3:
    Give birth to a baby
    DS: Oliver Thane Daniels

    Move! Move to a new house:

    Year 4:
    Adopt Twins
    DS/DS: Weston Heath Daniels & Ryder Levi Daniels

    You have inherited the children of a family member or friend. Your mothers can no longer afford to take care of all nine of your siblings, so they send your youngest brother and sister, Lincoln (16) and Amelia (12), to live with you.

    Year 5:
    Get a new degree! Get a degree in technology but don't change careers.

    Year 6:
    You discover one of your children was switched in the hospital shortly after birth! Your oldest daughter Georgia was switched at birth. You decide to meet your biological child. Her name is Layla Jane O'Connell, and she has a great family. You and the other family each choose to continue raising the child that you've each been raising, but allow visitation.

    Year 7:
    Give birth to twins
    DS/DS: Dodge Jett Daniels & Otis Damien Daniels

    Sadly, your husband passes away. He dies in a car accident. While you can never replace them, you know they would eventually want you to move on, whenever you’re ready. In 3 years.

    Year 8:
    Move! Staying in Colorado is too painful after your husband dies. So you and the kids decide to move to Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Your new house:

    Year 9:
    New pet! A butterfly garden.

    Year 10:
    Get remarried. Your new husband is Misha Gabriel Walker, he is from Raleigh, North Carolina, he's 34 years old, and he is a computer programmer. All of your children love their new stepdad.

    Year 11:
    Write a book! You write a sequel to your best-selling romance novel.

    Year 12:
    On the rocks! You and your husband are having serious marital issues. Your new husband, Misha, feels like he is living in the shadow of your late husband, Chance. You work through your marital issues through counseling and stay together.

    Year 13:
    A surrogate gives birth to your twins
    DD/DS: Felicity Charlotte Walker & Julian Charles Walker

    Start a business! You start an online side business of making children's clothing and accessories to sell online.

    Year 14:
    New pet! You get a pet pig.

    Year 15:
    Adopt a baby
    DD: Lilith Joelle Walker

    New pet! A dog.

    Year 16:
    You adopt a baby
    DS: Cy Dante Walker

    Write a book! You write a new romance novel.

    Year 17:
    You adopt twins
    DS/DS: Ford Edward Walker & Penn William Walker

    Move to a new home:

    Year 18:
    Get a new degree in media, and start a new career as an advertising sales agent.

    Year 19:
    You unexpectedly become pregnant after believing you could never conceive again.
    DS: Holden Alan Walker

    You receive a promotion at work.

    Year 20:
    You adopt twins
    DS/DD: Kaidan Henry Walker & Kira Jane Walker

    You write another romance novel.

    Alexandra Walker (40) & Misha Walker (44)
    (Chance Daniels, 28)

    Children with Chance:
    Georgia Daniels (19)
    Demi Daniels (18)
    Oliver Daniels (17)
    Weston & Ryder Daniels (16)
    Dodge & Otis Daniels (13)

    Children with Misha:
    Felicity & Julian Walker (7)
    Lilith Walker (5)
    Cy Walker (4)
    Ford & Penn Walker (3)
    Holden Walker (1)
    Kaidan & Kira Walker (nb)

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    British Columbia
    DW: Sophie Lily Alice Reed (28)
    DH: Dunstan Jonah Little (24)

    Living in Washington in this house:

    Pets: Royal (chicken), Bear (Elkhound), and Duke (dog-wolf hybrid)

    Year 1: Sophie discovers Dunstan is having an affair and they break up.
    Year 2: Sophie moves to Vancouver, Canada into a 2 bedroom apartment.
    Year 3: Sophie writes a children's book about a princess
    Year 4: Sophie gets remarried! Her new husband is Sawyer Nathaniel Hart (30). He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with his moms Selena and Ariel Hart and his 4 siblings, Maxim Bruno (35), Delaney Lilah (33), Luca Florence (26) and Iris Agatha (26). He works as for a local newspaper. They met through work.
    Year 5: Sophie and Sawyer have twins! They name them Margaret Rowena "Maisie" and Caroline Araminta "Cara" Hart.
    Year 6: Sophie and Sawyer adopt a dog! A pit bull named Daisy
    Year 7: Sophie and Sawyer have a third baby girl! They name her Antonia Charlotte "Annie" Hart.
    Year 8: A family friend passes away and their children move in with us. Two boys and a girl, aged 9, 7 and 2. August Rowan (9), Beatrice Lark (7), and Theodore Sawyer (2) Young.
    Year 9: With 6 children and 4 pets, Sawyer's 3 bedroom house in East Vancouver is a little crowded. We move to a 5 bedroom house in Squamish. Sophie and Sawyer, Maisie and Cara, Gus and Bea, and Annie and Theo share rooms.
    Year 10: Sophie writes a second children's book
    Year 11: Bea gets a pet spider
    Year 12: They move to a slightly larger house in Squamish
    Year 13: Sophie starts a pet daycare out of their backyard
    Year 14: Sophie writes a third book in her children's book series
    Year 15: Sawyer gets in a car accident on the Sea to Sky highway and passes away. It is devastating to the whole family, but we lean on each other and get through it.
    Year 16: Sophie writes a fourth book in her children's book series
    Year 17: Sophie adopt a dog named Mars. He is owned by a pet daycare client who is moving to a retirement home and the family adopts him, since there are no pets allowed
    Year 18: Sophie gets a business degree
    Year 19: Sophie gets remarried. His name is Cody Andrew Gardner and he is 42. He grew up in Dallas, Texas with his mom, Dora Geraldine Gardner and his 4 siblings, Carter Axel (42), Summer Amaya (37), Marco Cruz (31) and Morgan Stella (27). He is a graphic designer
    Year 20: Sophie writes a fifth book in her children's book series.

    Sophie Lily Alice Reed (48)
    ex-DH: Dunstan Jonah Little (44)
    ex-DH: Sawyer Nathaniel Hart (deceased)

    ADS: August Rowan "Gus" Young (21)
    ADD: Beatrice Lark "Bea" Young (19)
    DD/DD: Margaret Rowena "Maisie" and Caroline Araminta "Cara" Hart (15)
    ADS: Theodore Sawyer "Theo" Young (14)
    DD: Antonia Charlotte "Annie" Hart (13)

    DH: Cody Andrew Gardner (43)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    DW: Louise Clara Moore
    She grew up in New York City, New York. Louise’s maternal grandparents, Genevieve Pearl Cox & Theodore Abraham Cox raised her and her two siblings: Helena Juneau Moore and Vincent Levi Moore. She was 29 when she met her husband, and her career is in technology, she is a computer and electronic tablet engineer.
    DH: Ishmael Henry Day
    Ismael was also raised in New York City, New York, where his parents, Jethro Simeon Day and Magdelene Susannah Day raised him and his five siblings: Columbia Scarlett Day, Bartholomew Jerome Day, Juliette Phaedra Day & Lilith Tamsin Day. Ismael was 25 when he met his wife, and his career is in sales – he works as a sales manager for a global sports brand.
    Louise and Ismael met through work; Louise was bought in to update the online capabilities of the company where Ismael worked, and they hit it off instantly.

    Ismael proposed to Louise over dinner at their favourite restaurant, a quiet Vietnamese noodle bar near their apartment, with a beautiful oval moonstone ring set with diamonds (11) in her favourite dessert – apple and cinnamon pie.
    They had a traditional wedding, where Louise wore a white dress with lace detail sleeves and full skirt (2). The bridesmaids wore simple strapless full-length dresses in a medium blue shade (2). Ismael and Louise went on their dream honeymoon to Bora Bora, in the French Polynesia.

    After getting married, the newlyweds decide to settle in New York City, close to both of their families. They move into a Victorian style house, with three floors, bay windows and an outdoor porch (2). They have two one-year old brown rabbits, Blanche & Bink and two ginger five-year-old cats, Mo & Gilmar, as well as countless butterflies from their greenhouse.

    Y1: A boy, Rupert Fabian Day is born, and a new white kitten is bought into the family called Tahu.
    Y2: Louise creates an new side-venture, creating a personalised children’s app that reads stories to your child.
    Y3: A second son, Horatio Jonah Day is born, and a salt-water aquarium is added to the household, containing a special Butterfly fish called Wordsworth.
    Y4: Flavian Tyrell Day is born, and Ismael writes a cookbook specialises in sports diets and healthy eating.
    Y5: Ismael finally receives his undergraduate degree in joint honours – Management and Nutritional Studies. Mo the Cat goes missing and is presumed dead.
    Y6: Twin girls join the family, Bellatrix Edwina Day & Lorelie Opaline Day, and Louise receives her Masters degree in computer engineering. Blanche the Rabbit dies due to a unknown food allegy.
    Y7: Unfortunately, Louise and Ismael’s marriage is on the rocks, and they agree to separate on good terms, but eventually decide that a divorce is best. It is two years before Louise can commits to a new partner.
    Y8: Phillip Lucius Day is born, the last child Louise has with Ismael. She also receives a promotion at work, becoming head engineer in charge of a team of people. Bink the Rabbit dies of illness.
    Y9: Louise commits to 33-year-old George Peter McRoy, who immediately starts his own business, a psychology practice. Gilmar the Cat dies of old age.
    Y10: A small tortoise is bought into the family, called Sprinkle.
    Y11: Sadly, George passes away, following a major surgery on his kidneys. It is three years before Louise commits to a new partner.
    Y12: Identical boy twins, Joachim Cade McRoy & Ichabod Ralph McRoy are born. They are the only children Louise had with George. Louise gains her post-doctorate degree in computer engineering.
    Y13: Louise discovers that Phillip, her last child with Ismael, was switched at birth with a baby boy called Caleb Nathaniel Waters. Their children are five years old now and too old to switch, so both Louise and Caleb’s parents decide to keep in touch, and become firm friends, despite the mix-up. Wordsworth, the butterfly fish dies, and the family decides to remove the Aquarium.
    Y14: Louise commits to 35-year-old Theodore Joel Bishop, a doctor at the hospital where Louise has given birth to her eight children. Together, they discover that Flavian was also switched at birth, with a baby boy called Joseph Solomon Best. They contact the real Flavian, who now lives in South Africa, and communicate regularly via Skype.
    Y15: Triplet boys arrive and are called Pierre Lazarus Bishop, Serge Jasper Bishop & Cedric Cassian Bishop. Sadly, Theodore passes away after catching a deadly virus at work. It takes four eyes before Louise is able to move on.
    Y16: Augusta Noelle Bishop is born, who is Theodore’s last child with Louise. After many years spent studying computer engineering, Louise enters a new field and gains an undergraduate degree in zoology. Tahu the Cat dies of old age.
    Y17: A new butterfly house is added to the garden, which aids Louise’s research into the creatures.
    Y18: Louise documents her findings and publishes a non-fiction book about butterfly behavioural studies.
    Y19: Marie Cornelia Johnson is born, soon after Louise commits to 37-year-old Abraham Clarence Johnson, a portrait artist. A new black kitten is added to the family, called Bobo.
    Y20: Louise is promoted at work to head of the computer management department, an outstanding opportunity.

    Louise (49) and Abraham (38) with Rupert (19), Horatio (17), Flavian (16), Bellatrix (14), Lorelie (14), Phillip (12), Joachim (8), Ichabod (8), Pierre (5), Serge (5), Cedric (5), Augusta (4) & Marie (1).
    Former partners are Ismael (35), George (35, died) and Theodore (36, died).
    Pets are Sprinkle, Bobo, and two large butterfly houses
    Former pets are Blanche, Bink, Mo, Gilmar, Tahu, Wordsworth and other fish.
    24, ISTJ, Britberry
    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Annabelle Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Maeve Nina Noelle Romilly Simona Wilhelmina
    Francis Frederick George Henry Jonah Magnus Phillip Sidney Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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    Anastasia Rose Margaret Howell-Thompson
    Edward Tobias Howell-Thompson

    Where Do You Live After You Get Married: Dallas, Texas

    Do You Have Pets: A blue parrot called Roxbury

    Year 1:
    DD: Beatrix Valentina Rose Howell "Bee" (10)
    Promotion! Ed receives a promotion at work!

    Year 2:
    DS/DD: Leonardo Eric Thomas Howell "Leo" & Margaret Adalyn Faith Howell "Maggie" (9)
    A canary called Janais.

    Year 3:
    DS: Edward Toulouse Jack Howell "Ned " (8)
    2 weeks after we've come home, I discover Edward was switched in the hospital shortly after birth! I meet with the woman who has mistakenly taken my - Livia Grace Nouvel. We switch the children. She has named my child Kaleb Oliver and calls him "Kyle". To me the name is stupid so I rename him to Edward. Together we sue the hospital and become good friends in the process.

    Year 4: A clownfish named Raja.

    Year 5:
    DD: Phoebe Amelia Rowena Howell (6)
    We move to live in a huge 4-bedroom apartment in New York City, New York.

    Year 6:
    DD/DD (identical): Louisa Daria Matilda Howell "Loulou" & Georgia Natalia Felicity Howell "Gia" (5)
    Ed writes a fional book and it becomes a bestseller.

    Year 7:
    DD: Danica Lilith Gray Howell "Dottie" (4)
    Edward starts his own business company.

    Year 8:
    DD/DS/DD: Valentina Augusta Elizabeth Howell "Valie", Christian James William Howell "Christ" & Adelaida Ophelia Niam "Addy" Howell (3)

    Year 9: My uncle sends my sisters Delilah and Adair and my brother Robert to live with me since they still live with him and he is to old to take care of them anymore.

    Year 10: I leave my job to start my own magazine.

    Edward & Anastasia have Beatrix, Leonardo, Margaret, Edward, Phoebe, Louisa, Georgia, Danica, Valentina, Christian & Adelaida.
    Holland | Louise | Valentina | Frances | Ariadne | Philippa | Estella
    Flynn | Edward | Romeo | Axel | James | Diego | Christopher | Adrian

    Check out my lists by clicking on them:

    Long & Stylish Names
    Short & Sweet Names
    Beautiful Names with Beautiful Meanings

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