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    My maternal grandmother was the second of twelve. Their names were Margaret (my grandmother), Veronica, Angeline, Virginia, Anna Marie, William, Daniel, Clement, Florian, Isidore, Leon, and June (yes, a guy name June -- I think it was short for (Alexander) Junior, but I'm not 100% sure.)

    And one of my great-grandfathers came from a family of nine: Frank (my great-grandfather), Albert, Michael, Josephine, Franciska (yeah, a Frank and a Franciska), Rosalia, Charles (half-brother), Martin (half-brother), and Antoinette (half-sister).

    That's all I'm really familiar with.

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    renrose Guest
    My great granddad's brothers and sisters had pretty cool names:

    Alma Annie
    William Nelson (Great Grandad)
    Henry Ethell
    Percy William
    Sarah Ivy

    I think it was the influence of their mother Annie, as her siblings and aunts and uncles have fun names too:

    Annie and her sisters:

    Wilhelmina Annie (g.g. grandmother. She just went by Annie. I don't blame her.)
    Elizabeth Ida
    Violet Louisa Mary
    Henrietta Letitia
    Alice Lillian
    Rose Josephine
    Thomasine Norah
    Ethel Constance

    Her dad, aunts and uncles:

    Charlotte Anne
    Henry Ethell
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Isabella Maria
    John William
    Alfred Ethell
    Hebert Ethell
    Ernest Ethell
    Edwin Thomas (Annie's dad)
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    I don't know anything about my great-grandparents' siblings but I know some of my grandparents'.

    My paternal grandma's parents were Louis (he changed it from Luigi when he came to America) and Mary Dolores (she was Maria Delorosa in the home). They gave their children American names but they were all baptized with their Italian names (Italian in ()s):
    Patsy (Pasquali...a boy)
    Irene ( grandma)
    William (Guglielmo)
    Alverda (the only one that actually had an Italian name!)
    Lewis (Luigi)
    Nancy (Nunzia)

    My paternal grandpap's parents were Frank and Anna Marie and their kids were:
    Frank Edward (died in childhood)
    Gerard (my grandpap)

    I don't know much about my mom's parents' siblings. I get them all confused. My maternal grandparents were Jeannette and Joseph and I know my grandma had a sister Catherine and that somewhere between them there is a John Miles, more Catherines, and a host of others.

    I think my Italian side had a cool idea to give the kids a name and then call them by their Italian names. Also, Frank is a family name-- there have been Frank Peter, Frank Joseph, two Frank Edwards, and I think a Frank Thomas.

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    My maternal grandmother had 8 brothers and sisters: {Parents Linwood & Nannie}
    Garvin, Olgie {prn. all-gee}, Charles, James, Willie May, Elsie {my grandmother}, Janie, Opal, Edwin.

    My maternal grandfather only had one brother: {Parents Antonia & Anna}
    Mario {Mike}, Francesco {Frank} {my grandfather}.

    My paternal grandmother had 2 sibilings: {Parents ???? & ????}
    Gertrude {my grandmother}, Harry, & not sure about the other sister.

    My paternal grandfather had 3 siblings: {Parents Otto & ???}
    Dorthea, Hans, Uli {short for something}, Eberhard {my grandfather}.

    Don't have the family tree in front of me or I'd be able to tell you more. Tried to ask my dad but he didn't even know his own grandparents names, he never met them!
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    I love posts like these! Bolded is my grandpa/grandma

    Maternal grandparents;
    Peter John, Lesley Joan and Michael Anthony
    Francis John, Wendy Anne, Loris Jean, Norman John, Leonard William and Lisa Michelle

    Paternal grandparents;
    Edna, Jean, Margaret, William George & Barbara Ivy (twins)
    Adeline Eliza, Brian Geoffrey, Kenneth, Graham, George Alfred, Nancy Gwendoline, Irene Lillian and Chloris Ada.

    Maternal great-grandparents;
    Edwin Ernest, Charles Alfred and John Frederick Cathcart
    Joseph, Albert James Andrew, Edward Warner, Helen Janet, Maisie and Florence Amy
    Alan Victor, Basil John, Norman Francis and Lily May
    Yvonne Irma June, Glenys, James, Felicity Loamis Eril, Margaret Sylvia Loris, Joan and Peter Timothy

    Paternal great-grandparents;
    George William Stone (not sure if he had any siblings)
    Alfrida May, Richard Leslie, Robert James and Ivy Edith
    Violet Albertine, George Alfred Charles, Andrew Stanley, Arthur Ernest, Raymond Keith, Elsie May, Mavis May and Victor Norman
    Lloyd, Ethel Marjorie, Veronica Maude, Rita Mary, Gwendoline Winifred, Chloris, Enid Elaine and Irene

    Paternal great-great-grandparents;
    William James and Charles Nathaniel
    Fanny Mary, Ellen Elizabeth, Thomas Charles, Edith Laura Jane, Alice Annie and Frederick Edward Henry
    Fanny, Sandy, Frank, Sidney, William, Robin, Jane, Emily, Hannah and Ethel Ann
    Thomas, Amey Anne, George Key, Robert, Arthur James, Edith, Mabel Mary and Henry Fyfe
    Sarah Ann, James, William, Mary Louisa, Charles, Jane, James, Mary, William, Robert, Anne, Annie, Rose, Thomas, Caroline, Richard, Fanny H, Kate, Alfred, Frederick B W and George Alfred
    Lillian Charlotte, Matthew, Charles, Mary, Annie, Hannah, Robert and Rose
    Mary Ann Emily, James William, Harold George, John Ernest, Evelyn, Arthur and Ethelbert
    Ada May, Ethel Maude and Elizabeth Myrtle

    Maternal great-great-grandparents;
    Edwin Alfred, Leslie William, Mary Anne, Elsie Jane Victoria, James Frederick, Aletha May, Ellen Elizabeth and Sydney Phillip John
    Ernest, Florence John and Ernest Junior
    James Henry, Edward Pilgrim, Rosina Mary, Amy Grace, Catherine Ethel, Albert Francis, Louisa Alice, Elsie Mary and Florence Marion Elizabeth
    Mabel, Charles Henry, Edith Elizabeth, Albert Victor and Florence Emma
    Allan, Louisa, Lee Joseph, Prudence May, John Victor, Louisa, Jane, James Alfred and John Kimberley'
    Sarah Ann
    Peter Martin, Cecilia Gladys and Cedric James Bethune
    Ivy Ann, Myrtle Olive and Samuel
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