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    Grandmother's siblings names

    I came across a thread where someone posted their Great-grandparents children's names and I always remember my grandmother having awesome sibling names.

    Her parents immigrated here from Germany and their names were Martin and Augusta. Her brothers were Albert, Herman, Hans and sisters were Frieda, Alice, Katherine, Alma, Martha, and Meta. Her name is Elsie.

    I really love a lot of these names! Did any of your great-grandparents or grandparents have lovely sibsets? Both of my grandparents came from large German families and I love the name inspirations!

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    I'll skip to my great-grandparents' siblings since my grandparents and all but three siblings are still alive. This should be fun.

    Well, one of my great-great-grandfathers had two wives (not at the same time) and twenty children. Five of the children died as infants and weren't named. I do have names for the other fifteen: Sterling, John, Henry, Monroe, Della, Vernie, Leroy, Etta Pearl, Bennie, Murry, Alice Grace, Martin, Eunice, Juanita, and Christine.

    My great-grandfather came from the second largest family; his parents had fourteen children. Their names were Estelle, Nona, Fannie Ruth, Arthur, James, Myrtice, Earl, Eloise, Daniel, Juanita, Bernice, Betty Sue, Jimmy, and Donald. Yes, my great-grandfather had brothers named James and Jimmy.

    Another great-grandfather is from my favorite sibling group: Annie, Erastus, Katie, Charles, Jessie (m), Cora, Della, Essie Lee, Murphy, Maude, and Homer. Once I'd learned all of their full names, I was looking at my name list one day and realized that I had either the first or middle name of all eleven on my list. I thought it was cool.

    I won't bore everyone with the rest of my great-grandparents' siblings' names.

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    My maternal grandparents are only children.
    My paternal grandmother had five older sisters: Helen, Hazel, Alice, Mabel, and Ramona. I always thought my grandmother got the short end of the stick because her name is Dean. Not Diane, not Deanna. Dean.
    My paternal grandfather has a brother and some half sisters but I do not know their names

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    My maternal grandparents were Casper Frederick and Mary Anna (German last name). They had Clifford James, Bertha Marie, Alice, Robert, Norman, Henry, Margaret, Annabelle, and Irsel Winifred (my mother).

    My paternal grandparents were August Adolph and Laura May (or Mae) (German last name). They had Frederick, Gustav (who died in infancy), Gertrude, Mildred, Carrie, John, and Roy Albert (my father). I think there were more...I seem to remember there being 8 to 10 children and that's just 7.

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    I don't have much info on my great-grandparents and their siblings. I actually don't know if any of them have siblings... Perhaps that's a conversation I should have with my parents! Anyway, here are my grandparents and their siblings:

    Maternal Grandfather: Frederick Gilmore "Freddy" (Today would have been his birthday.)
    Siblings: Kenneth "Ken" , Mildred "Millie", Gladys, Margaret "Marge" , Ronald, and Richard "Dickie".

    Maternal Grandmother: Dorothy Bernice
    Siblings: Francis, Kathleen, Pauline, Margaret, Cecilia "Celia", Theresa, Geneiveve "Genny", Matilda "Tillie", Virginia "Ginny", Anthony "Tony", Lillian, Elizabeth

    Paternal Grandfather: Roger Lyon
    Siblings: Joseph "Joe"

    Paternal Grandmother: Barbara Anne
    Siblings: Barney "Dook"

    The maternal side is completely Portugese, so I find it really interesting that the name Gilmore was used for both my grandpa and Aunt Millie as a middle name. My paternal side is mainly French, though there are some German, Dutch, Irish, English and Jewish heritage as well.

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