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    This is so nostalgic. I haven't really thought about family names in awhile.

    My maternal Great-Grandmother's name was Julia and her siblings were Leta, Sadie, Ruth, Audrey, John and Leo.
    My paternal Great-Grandmother's name was Pearl and her siblings were Florence/Flossie, Barbara, Marjorie, Harry, and Carl.
    My maternal Grandmother was Catherine and her siblings were Anne, Jeanette, Lelia, Raymond and Thomas.
    My paternal Grandmother was Josephine and her siblings were Janet, Vivian, Carolyn, Genevieve, Dean, Milford, and Bruce.
    My parents are Audrey (siblings Guilda, Doris, and Charles) and Phillip (siblings Louise, Dolores, Robert and Calvin)
    and me and my siblings are Brianna, Amy, and James. It makes me a little sad how people don't or can't have as many children as they used to.

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    My grandparents and their siblings had names that would be considered dated today

    My grandfather Harold had one brother Earl
    My grandmother Jessie had siblings Wendall, Wesley, and Mildred
    My grandfather Gordon had siblings Theophiel, Flora, and Curtis
    My stepgrandfather Franklin had siblings Dorothy, Hewitt, Richard, Ralph, and Esther
    My grandmother Isabel was an only child

    My great grandparents and their siblings had names that would be more likely to be heartily embraced today

    Great grandmother Clara had siblings Matthias, Joseph, Rose, and Elizabeth
    Great Grand father Louis (Ludwig) had 11 siblings including Pauline, Wenzel, Edward, and John
    Great Grandmother Jessie had siblings Millicent, Sadie, Selena, Minerva, Caroline, Susan, and Rex,

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    My maternal grandmother's name is Mary Lou, her sisters were Juanita nn Nita, and Donna. Her brother's name was Herman.
    My paternal grandmother's name was Gwenyth Jane nn Gwen, and her sister's name is June.
    I didn't meet either of my grandfather's before I was born, but their names were Leonard and Owen.

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    My paternal grandpa had a great sibset.

    William Arthur "Art"
    Kathrine "Kate"
    Henry Ford "Ford" (yes, really)

    Not a big fan of the names Eugene or Gladys, but overall, I think my great-grandparents had good taste in names.
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