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    Trying to come up with puppy names

    So my husband and I are considering on getting a puppy sometime in the future and we got caught up on making a list of names. We already have quite a list, but I would love to expand it, so far we don't really "love" any, so I figured you guys might know if we are missing some awesome names.

    We would really love a name that has an "-ee" sound ending, but it doesn't have to be, and we would like it be under 3 syllables. Also would prefer it to not be close in sound to our top baby names: Luna, Flora, Ezra, and Everett. For example, we can't use Lucy because it's too close to Luna. And since we don't know the gender, we need names for both or that can work on either.

    Our current list:
    Pepsi - my current favorite
    Trixie/Bellatrix - his current favorite

    Andromeda - A name we like, but is too long and we just don't like Andi/Andy as a nickname, any other nickname options?


    Also the breed we are looking into getting is a sheltie and color is either bi blue or blue merle.
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    I've heard of using Andra as a nickname for Andromeda (which I think is gorgeous, by the way). What about Scout?

    Favorite girls names:

    I have a considerably harder time with boys names.
    Maxwell, Orion, Alistair, Calvin, Caleb

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    What about "Romy" as a nickname for Andromeda?

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    Well this MIGHT not be a problem for you, but I figured I'd point it out in case you didn't notice.

    You mentioned you don't want names too similar to your potential future childrens names. Both Luna and Severus are near the top of your list -- both great names that will be associated with HP (absolutely nothing wrong with that), BUT I know personally I wouldn't want to have children named Luna and Severus and then a puppy named Bellatrix. I'm ok with themes amongst children, but spreading to pets might seem odd.

    Just thought I'd point that out!

    On another note: Pepsi is adorable! I also love Jingle, Snow, Noelle, and Stella for a little white puppy. Coco, Maisie, and Breezy are other favorites.

    How about: Zoey, Rory, Holly, Polly, Molly (you get the picture), Elsie, Libby, Ashes, Cody, Brody, Ari, etc.

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    I almost forgot about this thread! We're hoping to get a puppy next Christmas, so no longer as soon as we hoped, but I'll keep this thread going till then to get more ideas and I didn't post the breed before, but we are planning on getting a bi-blue or blue merle sheltie.

    Andra is kind of cute, not a fan of scout or Romy.

    @jess: I meant just in sound like Lucy starts with Lu, like Luna. I updated my signature since I posted this thread, so Severus is one of my top names, but my husband vetoed it as a first, so that won't be a problem... So I'm still liking Bellatrix.

    Elsie and Ari are really cute as well! Thanks

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