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    I don't think you should change your name completely. Why not just either change the spelling to Rainy, or better yet, just start pronouncing it correctly (your parents could still pronounce it how they do, it would just sound like a nickname)? Reina is also a pretty good suggestion. The pronunciation is a bit more intuitive somehow than Reine. I've known 2 people named Reina (one was a student of mine and the other is the owner of a really cool diner in my neighborhood). Both like their name and haven't seemed to have any problems with it.
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    I've seen you post about your name before and made the note that I LOVE Reine.

    Reine seems clean (due to rain), royal and regal(due to reigning).

    I would use the nn. Ria.

    Reine seems very cool and simple but very rock and roll. I don't know how to describe it. I think it's beautiful and unique. I wouldn't change it, but it's all up to you in the end.

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    I really hope you consider using Reina or Raina, as several people have already suggested. It seems like it could be a wonderful solution for you: extremely close to your given name, but no pronunciaton issues. (Hopefully!) The main character on the tv show Nashville is called Raina - country music star, beautiful, talented, etc. - and it sounds great on the show. I can see why you love the name Lucy, but considering that it sounds soooo different from Reine I think you might have a harder time adjusting to it than you think. And I know several people who hated their "different" names as teens but are now thrilled to have them as adults.'s something to think about.

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    I love Sadie and Skye, you could also try Zaidee/Zadie and Skyler/Skailyr or spell Skye Sky or Skai.

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    I really like Wren. It's a name I think that a lot of people like, but don't have the courage to go with it... I say give Wren a try, but if you truly love Lucy, that's a beautiful classic, more vintage-y name.

    It all comes down to what you truly love and feel comfortable with. I never liked my given name growing up (Audrey) because it wasn't fashionable in the 1980s... names like Jennifer were common. It turns out that it became fashionable, just a little later. It changed the way I felt about the name. So with time, you might grow to like your given name too.

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