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    I love Francesca with Isabella and Gabriella. It still have the "A" at the end so doesn't stand out too much but isn't as matchy as another ella name, and I really like the name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by genevie View Post
    I think Francesca, Genevieve and Evangeline go really well with Isabella and Gabriella. Francesca is the best fit in my opinion Though I like the way that Evangeline still has the "el" connection with the other two, without it being overkill - but you said your husband isn't keen. Zara in my opinion, though lovely, seems like it would be overshadowed by the more "grand" Isabella and Gabriella (I think Genevieve Zara would be a lovely combo though!), and Giselle I think is too much of the "elle".
    I agree I think the longer names work better, but I would have a hard time not using an ella name this go round or like someone else said if you plan on having more pick a name that can be paired as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I would go with Francesca. I like that it is similar in length to you other girls names and I like that it has the -a ending. To me it makes it the most connected.
    I agree with this.

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    Francesca would be a lovely addition and it's not too matchy with Isabella and Gabriella. They would share an Italian name connection.
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