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    Isabella, Gabriella and _______?

    Isabella and Gabriella are so similar that we can't name the 3rd girl Daphne. We also don't want to name the 3rd girl something so similar as Mirabella.
    Here are some of the options my husband and I can agree upon, and I'm due in 2 months!

    1. Francesca (family name for Frank)
    2. Zara (a name my husband and I BOTH love)
    3. Genevieve (fancy enough to go with her 2 sisters)
    4. Giselle (may sound odd next to 2 ella names)
    5. Evangeline (my husband doesn't really like)

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    Zara and Genevieve are winners for me from you list.
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    I think Francesca, Genevieve and Evangeline go really well with Isabella and Gabriella. Francesca is the best fit in my opinion Though I like the way that Evangeline still has the "el" connection with the other two, without it being overkill - but you said your husband isn't keen. Zara in my opinion, though lovely, seems like it would be overshadowed by the more "grand" Isabella and Gabriella (I think Genevieve Zara would be a lovely combo though!), and Giselle I think is too much of the "elle".

    If you're looking for suggestions, my first thoughts when I saw your thread title were:

    Isabella, Gabriella & Cordelia
    Isabella, Gabriella & Clarissa
    Isabella, Gabriella & Charlotte
    Isabella, Gabriella & Adrianna
    Isabella, Gabriella & Amelia
    Isabella, Gabriella & Sophia
    Isabella, Gabriella & Marina / Mariana
    Isabella, Gabriella & Eleanora
    Isabella, Gabriella & Audrey
    Isabella, Gabriella & Angelina
    Isabella, Gabriella & Violet(ta)
    Isabella, Gabriella & Carolina
    Isabella, Gabriella & Elisabeth
    Isabella, Gabriella & Beatrice
    Isabella, Gabriella & Sapphire/a
    Isabella, Gabriella & Catarina
    Isabella, Gabriella & Annaliese
    Isabella, Gabriella & Madeleine
    Isabella, Gabriella & Liliana
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    I always liked Mariella (pronounced Mary-Ella) It sounds classic and modern at the same time. Good luck!

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    Gisella would make Giselle, a gorgeous choice, fit in with the Ella pattern.
    Other ella names are

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