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    Thoughts on my girls names please...

    Do you like these names for an ACTUAL baby? My tastes have changed recently and I am playing around with some names that I might use on my third daughter if I have on (not pregnant yet)...Just let me know if you think they are useable on an actual baby, little girl, and adult woman. Thanks

    Vanna (possible middle names are Noelle and Esme) The thing with this name is, my oldest daughter's name already starts with a V and I was wondering if it was that big of a deal to have another Va... girl.
    Marya (pronounced like MAR yuh) middle name would probably be Noelle
    Noelle as a first name
    Gael as a first name ( I know this is a boy spelling but I'm pretty sure its not going to be used by any boys in the near future in the US and I love this spelling)
    Connolly, Corrine, or Constance with the nickname Connie
    Mara (MARR-uh)
    Helen/Helaine/Helaina nickname Hallie (my grandmother's name is Helen nickname Hallie)
    My husband really likes Sophina but I think it is too close to Sophia/Sophie

    I know this is a girls section of the forum but if you have some thoughts on my boys names it would also be appreciated. Lately I am really liking the -ius/-as sound on the end.

    Thomas (I know it is popular)
    Aloysius (AL-oh-wish-iss)
    Roger nn Dodge
    Carl (don't laugh! I have always loved this name despite the general hate most people have for it.)
    Kaius (KY-iss)
    Phileas nn Phil (I think this is super cute...I know most people probably won't.)
    And I have always loved Alexander, Jude, Seth...but they are losing their luster for me. Thanks
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    Current considerations:
    Miriam Cara Tatum Noel Marcia Vanna Marya Gail
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    I can't believe with 2-m.o. twins you're thinking about more babies.

    Vanna: It isn't terribly close to Valerie; doesn't your other daughter's name also have a V? I feel, however, this name lacks substance (it's most famous as the game show hostess who turned over letters), especially compared to something like Corinne or Miriam.

    Marya (pronounced like MAR yuh) middle name would probably be Noelle: certainly usable, and prefer to the more common Mara. You might also like Marfa, if you're an art fan.

    Noelle as a first name: sweet, but obviously quite tied to Christmas

    Gael: this is pronounced with 2 syllables (it originally had an accent trema on the e): ga-ELLE. If you'd like the Gail prn, I'd use Gale.

    Connolly, Corrine, or Constance with the nickname Connie: Would spell Corinne thusly. Very much like Constance and Corinne-- sleek, distinguished, and Connie is a spunky nn. Don't care for the Irish surname Connolly unless it's a family name for you.

    Afton: quite like; I love the River Afton and the folk song

    Miriam: beautiful. A timeless name that can be carried from babyhood to adulthood. Especially like the traditional nn Miri.

    Norah: Prefer Eleanor, honestly. Nora(h) is a little homespun.

    Carla: very dated. Prefer Carl as a boy's name. More modern feminine Charles variants: Charlotte, Charlize.

    Kara: also don't care for the sound, and find it dated.

    Mara (MARR-uh): pretty but prefer Marya

    Helen/Helaine/Helaina nickname Hallie: would spell Helena thusly, with the original pronunciation. Helene is the traditional French spelling, with the stress on the final syllable. It's a beautiful name with a long and dignified history.

    My husband really likes Sophina but I think it is too close to Sophia/Sophie....

    What about Sophronia?
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    Yay, I love this stuff!

    Vanna - unless big sister is Vanja or Vanessa, this is fine.
    Marya - Eh, not as nice as your other names.
    Noelle - I love this as a first, Noelle is such a beautiful name it deserves the first spot.
    Gael - I just think of Gael Garcia Bernal...
    Connolly, Corrine, or Constance - Constance! It's a gorgeous name. Corinne is lovely too.
    Afton - I like this very much. It used to be on my list.
    Miriam - So pretty and cute. It would be gorgeous on a baby.
    Norah - Prefer Nora, but still very nice. A know a lot of them.
    Carla - I don't like this.
    Kara - Like it very much when spelled Cara.
    Mara - It's okay, but Cara is much prettier.
    Helen/Helaine/Helaina nickname Hallie - Helen is nice.
    My husband really likes Sophina but I think it is too close to Sophia/Sophie - I agree. I love Sophie and Sofia though.

    Favourites: Noelle, Constance and Miriam.

    Thomas - Such a classic! I actually never meet any little Thomas's, even though I know they're out there!
    Cassius - Very handsome, Cassian is nice too.
    Aloysius - I absolutely love Aloysius! One of the best boy names.
    Sean - It's a nice name, but it's sort of a middle aged man name to me.
    Roger nn Dodge - I really don't like this.
    Dante - LOVE!
    Carl - I don't hate Carl, I know one and he's super nice and very very good-looking.
    Kaius (KY-iss) - Nope, sorry.
    Phileas nn Phil - okay, but I think Phineas is nicer.
    I love Jude too. Read Jude the Obscure or watch the movie Jude (or watch Jude Law in The Holiday...), might bring the luster back!

    Favourites: Dante, Aloysius and Thomas.

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    The names I think are usable are:
    Norah (I prefer Nora)
    Kara (I prefer Cara)
    Helaine (I prefer Helene)
    Helaina (I prefer Helena)
    And the ones I like are:
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    Vanna: Can’t say I’m a fan. Sounds too harsh on a baby and I can’t see it aging well.
    Marya – I prefer Mara/Maura . . . the “Yuh” part doesn’t sound that pretty
    Noelle – Beautiful choice
    Gael – Not a bad choice. I do prefer Gale just because it looks prettier. I think I prefer this one as a middle name though. . .
    Connolly, Corrine, or Constance: Connolly sounds like a boy to me, Corrine is beautiful, and I’m not a fan of Constance (too dated). In general though I don’t think Connie is a good nickname. . . too old sounding.
    Afton – Not pretty
    Miriam – Too dated
    Norah – Not a bad option. I’m 50/50 on this one
    Carla – A timeless option, though not as pretty as some of your others
    Kara – Not a fan of the K. . . “Cara” is a pretty option and much better than Carla.
    Mara – See above opinion of “Marya
    Helen/Helaine/Helaina: I’m not a fan. . . but with the family connection I could see it as a good middle. Why not just use Hallie?
    Sophina: Dislike, it sounds made up.

    I would go with Noelle, Corrine, or Mara for firsts personally

    Thomas – Timeless and beautiful option
    Cassius – Not a ABSOLUTELY horrible option
    Aloysius – Not at all
    Sean – Simple and classic.
    Roger – Too dated
    Dante – Decent name, prefer it as a middle if anything
    Carl – Not a fan
    Kaius – No
    Phileas – Definitely no

    Alexander and Jude are probably the best on your lists. Followed by Thomas, Sean, and Dante

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