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Thread: WDYT shortlist

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    WDYT shortlist

    Hi I'm just doing this to see what opinions you clever berries have on these names. I'd love to fine tune them but need your clever eyes to spot faults. Thanks so much! By the way, names in bold are family names so please don't change them, though you can move them around.
    Here's my list:
    Celestine Hannah PAIGE
    Cecilia Winifred GILLIAN
    Alice MURIEL Natalia
    Tamsin HAYLEY Claire
    Winter Amaya EVELYN
    RHYS Willoughby Michael
    Anthony JOHN Raphael
    Haydyn Bartholomew DAVID
    Silas Rowan BENEDICT
    Cody Thomas ALEXANDER
    Thank you loads! Also, I don't want you to lie. If you hate something please tell me! I want to know your real opinions!

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    I think they're perfectly nice combos If it were my list, I'd probably have Alice Winter Evelyn and Silas Benedict Rowan as my top 2. My main issue is Haydyn - I just think Hayden is must nicer, and since Y-spellings have been hijacked by girls in recent years I'd personally just stick to the original.
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    Very nice names!

    I love genevie's Alice Winter Evelyn idea, I really like these names together (and it would be my favourite girl combo). I also like Celestine Hannah Paige a lot.

    From the boy's I love Anthony John Raphael, but I'd do Antony instead, it doesn't need the h.

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    Thanks so much, guys. I agree about Haydyn, I only really used it as an alternative to ultra common Hayden. I think need to find a new name too honour my sister Hayley. Alice Winter Evelyn is nice! I like Antony and didn't realise it could be spelt like that! What a lovely alterative. I think I prefer it!

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    Celestine Hannah PAIGE - 3/10 - It isn't bad. It flows well, but Celestine isn't really my style.
    Cecilia Winifred GILLIAN - 4/10 - Meh.
    Alice MURIEL Natalia - 8/10 - I really like Alice and Natalia. And I like that you have a family name in there too.
    Tamsin HAYLEY Claire - 4/10 - Tamsin isn't my style.
    Winter Amaya EVELYN - 3/10 - I don't like Winter, but it flows really well.

    RHYS Willoughby Michael - 4/10 - Rhys isn't my style, but it's still nice.
    Anthony JOHN Raphael - 5/10 - It's not bad.
    Haydyn Bartholomew DAVID - 2/10 - I don't like Haydyn spelled this way and I don't like Bartholomew at all.
    Silas Rowan BENEDICT - 7/10 - I like both Silas and Rowan, and Benedict is a family name so I don't have an argument for it.
    Cody Thomas ALEXANDER - 6/10 - I like all three names, although I'd probably go with Thomas Cody Alexander instead.

    So my favorites would be Alice Muriel Natalia and Silas Rowan Benedict. Altogether, your names aren't bad at all! They're a lot better than most of the names I see on here!
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