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    Exclamation Thoughts on Ja like Ya!!!

    Are these name variations a bit over the top? I have made some YA sounding names spelt Ja.

    Kaja (Kaia)
    Jija (Jiah)
    Sonja (Sonia)
    Maja (Maya)
    Talija (Talia)
    Dahlija (Dahlia)


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    I kind of feel like this would only be appropriate if the "J" as a "Y" pronunciation is found in the language of your heritage. Like if you are Russian. Sonja is a name, and you probably wouldn't get any flack for that (especially if you're Russian), but the others I do feel are over the top and on the youneek side.
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    Jara (once had a student with this name who pronounced it Yara)
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    Quote Originally Posted by missv View Post
    Jara (once had a student with this name who pronounced it Yara)
    I like that

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    Pronouncing an initial J as Y (and vice versa!) is pretty common in Spanish. The sounds aren't contrastive in Spanish, so Spanish speakers when speaking English will sometimes say "jail" for "Yale" and vice versa.

    There are some legit ones like this, Marija for example, but yeah, if it's not part of a language tradition (like Sonja), I wouldn't go out of your way to make it happen. It's too much.

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